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Chapter VIII

1. JEHOVIH hath said: I gave to man legs and feet to walk; arms and hands to work; eyes to see, and ears to hear; and, withal, the capacity to reflect and comprehend and understand.

2. I gave none of these capacities to man to lie dormant or to be useless. Neither can any man advance to My highest kingdoms if crippled, or weak, or uncultivated, in all or part of these talents I have given him.

3. But he shall be perfected in all particulars before he is capacitated for companionship with My exalted ones.

4. The Lord said: It mattereth little what kind of workmanship a man doeth; for one may till the soil, and thus train his hands and arms to full development; and another may weave, or spin, or forge iron, and also attain full development. It is not the kind of labor, but the development that comes of useful practice, which maketh every talent to stand upright in heaven as a glory to the Creator.

5. For there be servants on earth, who neither read nor write, that are better developed in their talents and members than many of the rich, and kings and philosphers.

6. And when they die and enter my heavenly places, the ranks and caste in my kingdoms seem to them to be upside-down. The rich man, or the king, or the pleader (lawyer), or priest, or the philosopher, may be as a helpless child, whilst he who was as a pauper on earth may be as a very God over them to lift them up.

7. Neither is the preference to the rich, nor the poor, nor to the philosopher, nor the fool; for any of these may be as dwarfs in some talent or part, whilst also any of these may be a most perfect man in spirit.

8. So, God established, through his high-raised officers, schools and colleges and factories, heavenly, adapted to the spirits of the dead, even as similar places are established on the earth for mortals.

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