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Chapter VI

1. AND God appointed two thousand supervisors unto each of the Holy Eleven; and eight thousand eight hundred surveyors; and four thousand four hundred captains of roads, and said unto them: Go ye and build roadways between all the heavenly kingdoms in atmospherea. And I give unto you two thousand million laborers, to be divided between you, according to the distances and places of the roads.

2. And God gave authority to Toyvraghah to examine the records and make the apportionment of officers and laborers on the roads, and he thus accomplished these things.

3. God said: My heavens shall be divided into eleven parts, one unto each of the Holy Eleven.

4. The said eleven divisions were accomplished and thus named, to wit: Sinyativi, Horak, Damaya, Ad'dam, Hosea, Harivya, Sinisyo, Amset, Godessa, Itero and Aroqu.

5. Damaya, Ad'dam and Hosea comprised all the lowest hadan regions, bordering on the earth; and these three divisions extended around the earth, and were twelve miles high.

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6. Sinyativi, Horak and Amset comprised the next grade of heavenly kingdoms outward from the earth, and were one thousand miles high, more or less.

7. Goddessa and Itero were the next grade of heavenly kingdoms outward from the earth, and were two thousand miles high.

8. Harivya was next, and was outward from the earth two thousand five hundred miles. And next after this was Aroqu, which was three thousand miles above the earth. Aroqu was therefore the highest of the atmospherean heavens in those days.

9. These five heavenly spheres, therefore, comprised the whole of the inhabited heavens of the earth. And yet there were thousands of plateaux still further away from the earth, and within her vortex, but uninhabited.

10. As for Aroqu and Harivya, they were inhabited mostly by angels of the highest atmospherean grades.

11. God said: From this time forth all heavenly marriages of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih shall take place in Harivya and Aroqu, instead of as heretofore, in the thousands of heavenly kingdoms.

12. And all es'yans shall be hereafter maintained within the first sphere of hada, within the regions of Damaya and Ad'dam and Hosea. And as they rise in wisdom and strength, they shall advance in place as well as grade, going in the direction of Harivya and Aroqu, from which all resurrections for the etherean worlds shall take place.

13. And God caused the boundaries of Ad'dam and Hosea to embrace the eastern continents of the earth; but Damaya embraced the western.

14. To the Lords of the Hosts, God had said: The great love that mortals have for their kindred who are dead, is like a chord forever pulling their souls back to earth.

15. Neither do mortals understand my heavens, and that the soul of man should rise upward.

16. They cry out to me continually: O God, send thou back to me the spirit of my kin!

17. And they do not understand that their prayers are in opposition to the resurrection of spirits of the dead.

18. And likewise doth the es'yan cry out to me: O God, take me back to my mortal kin! For he also comprehendeth not the resurrection, but in the gratification of his love would linger forever on the earth.

19. Suffer ye not mortals to commune with the spirits of the dead.

20. And the Lords carried out the commandment of God.

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