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Chapter V

1. THE Lord said: This is the labor of God after the dawn of the arc of Bon:

2. God crowned four thousand Lords, and titled them LORDS OF THE HEAVENLY HOSTS.

3. And God allotted to every one of them one hundred messengers and fifty heralds, and gave them authority to provide their own attendants in their own way.

4. God said: That I may hear the voices of my Lords, when ye are within your own kingdoms, ye shall appoint representatives unto my throne. And there shall be of such representative Lords one for every four hundred Lords of the Hosts.

5. And the representative Lords shall be speakers for the kingdoms that appoint them, and have power on important occasions to summon to my throne all their constituent Lords.

6. And the representative Lords shall be known in heaven and entered in the libraries thereof as the Holy Eleven, for they are symbolical of the seasons on the earth.

7. Now therefore the Lords of the Hosts elected the Holy Eleven, and God anointed them, and their names were entered in the libraries of the heavens. These then are the Holy Eleven, to wit:

8. Likar, Lakash, Yopes Loe, Vadhuan, Ah Cho, Zahawee, Eezen, Khan, Zedna, Yutemis and Ardolfus. And God gave authority to the Holy Eleven to speak before the throne, after the manner of the Councils of the higher heavens.

9. God said unto the Lords of the Hosts: Your work is a good work. So, the Lords of the Hosts departed to their several kingdoms. But the Holy Eleven were duly installed and took their places in front of the throne of God.

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