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Chapter IV

1. GIVE ear, O man, and be wise in thy judgment, of sure perception and good discernment in the revelations of my words in the cycles past and present.

2. For I summed up all the Gods of the hadan regions of the earth, and all their high officers in the plateaux and heavenly kingdoms thereof, and I named them, GOD! And in their dominions with mortals I named them, LORD! As one, even God, made I them in my past revelations on the earth. That I might not confuse the judgment of men!

3. And all the heavenly places of the earth, the atmospherean heavens, which travel with the earth around the sun, I named, HADA, the intermediate world, the lower heaven. Through which none can pass to the etherean heaven till purged of self, and made spotless, pure and strong in spirit.

4. Of this hadan heaven, and of her Gods and their labors made I two words, GOD and HEAVEN, and Eskra is the sermon thereof. In which ye nations of the earth, and ye angels of heaven shall profit in spirit; as by experience past, the future becometh fortified in wisdom and strength.

5. In which sermon all resurrection is of God, who is Jehovih's Son; but to distinguish from which (God) I named all that desired not resurrection in heaven, but loved more the earth, SATAN. And whoso loved evil and practiced it, I named, SATAN; and whoso combined, as angels or as mortals, to make anarchy, I named, EVIL WORKERS for hell.

6. As God and heaven are of the resurrection, so are satan, hell and the devil of the declension.

7. To one or other, resurrection or declension, belong all men on the earth, and to one or the other belong all the spirits of the dead.

8. None can stand still; all the living are on the move forever.

9. Jehovih is Life, Motion, Individual, Person! In proof of which, He gave unto thee life, motion, individuality, person.

10. To develop these four entities is resurrection toward Him, more and more, which is heavenly.

11. To neglect them, or pervert them, is to go away from Him, which is declension, which can lead to entire destruction.

12. No man can be life for another; nor motion, nor individuality, nor person for another. For himself, and to himself, hath Jehovih created him with these.

13. Nor can any of the Gods, however exalted, give to or take away these things.

14. For even though the highest-raised angels may attain to turn the earth over, or to dissolve it, as the air in the firmament, or create a new earth, yet none of these can create life, or motion, or an individual, or person.

15. These are from Jehovih and in Him; and all angels, the Gods and Lords, and generals and captains and chiefs in heaven are but the brothers and sisters of mortals and the spirits of the dead.

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16. And yet, O man of the earth, and thou, angel of the heavens of the earth, be not puffed up or make light of the Gods, or Lords, or Saviors, or Chiefs of the heavens, for thou art compared to them but as a drop of water is compared to the ocean.

17. As a man amongst you employeth a thousand men to do his bidding, so have I, your God, thousands of millions of angels to speak in my name.

18. Put not off my words, saying: It is but your conscience speaking. My angels speak to you in spirit, with my very voice and words, which are Jehovih's also.

19. According to the capacities and talents of such mortals as practice my commandments, so do I appropriate them to assist in the resurrection.

20. And in the same way do I allot my ashars to abide with you; to the musician, angel musicians; to the philosopher, angel philosophers; to the historian, angel historians; to the cosmographer, angel cosmographers; to the revelator, angel revelators; even so unto all men who seek to serve Jehovih by doing good.

21. And these my ashars, which I place over you, are not individual angels, merely acting and speaking their own notions, but are organized companies of thousands of millions, who labor through a chief angel, called Lord; and all of them are in concord with me and my kingdoms, directed by my Holy Council, of millions of angels high in wisdom, which is directed by me, your God, even as I am one with other Gods, who are one with Jehovih.

22. What my angels do in truth and wisdom, for righteousness sake, these I ratify in heaven; what I do in heaven, my angels do and reveal unto you in my name.

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