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Chapter III

1. HEAR My voice, O angels and mortals! The words of the heavens of the earth are My words, orderly and well disciplined. No man can imitate Me; angels can not counterfeit p. 666 Me. My words are from the Fountain, that erreth not forever.

2. Whoso seeth My way can not fail to understand; I quibble not, nor beat about the bush. Even Lords and Gods are as nothing in My hands. I trim them up, and prune their orchards in Mine own way; I sift and weigh and assort, for I am Jehovih, the Almighty!

3. I am the sum of the Voice of all the lower heavens; the doings of Gods and high officers; the Person of the word of three thousand years.

4. And My record shall be the standard for mortals and angels for thousands of years to come. Other books and other worlds will be written and spoken, and they shall pass away and be remembered not by angels nor men. But My words, the words of Eskra, will live and endure forever. Then spake God, saying:

5. For I am His fountain, of the Tree of Bon; I am His cycle of the Great Serpent's e'spe, and can not die or go out of remembrance. I am as a link in a great circle, the section of Bon in the solar vortex.

6. During every cycle I come and speak, and my words are not like other words. I plant them on the low earth, and they take root, and grow into a tree that reacheth up into heaven. And the angels of heaven come thither and gather my words, for they are the fruit of everlasting life and of the resurrection of mortals and of the spirits of the dead.

7. Give ear, O ye nations of the earth, and magnify your understanding, for the wisdom of the Almighty.

8. He singleth not out one man or one God, and saith: Behold, by him judge ye Me and My works! Or giveth the history of all the living in one book; the pith of things is the unit sprung from all.

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