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p. 664

God's Book of Eskra

Chapter I

1. GOD said: This Book shall be called Eskra, because it is the history of the heavenly cycle, Bon. It shall contain the substance of the heavenly records of three thousand three hundred years, of the first regions of the resurrection of the dead. My words are not of the earth, but of heaven.

2. For of the history of the earth ye know already; wherefore I reveal things ye know not of. Be ye profited therein understandingly, for my heavenly kingdoms will be presently for your habitation.

3. As it hath been revealed to you already, in regard to the successions of the God, and the periods of dan, and the division of the higher from the lower heavens, it is sufficient unto you to know that which is given of God is of him who is Jehovih's voice, without regard to which administration, or which God. And to know also that that heaven referred to in Eskra is not of the higher heavens, etherea, but atmospherea, which heavens travel with the earth around the sun, which heavens were called the lower heavens by the ancients, and by some, the intermediate world. Through which heavens all souls must pass, being first purified and risen in wisdom, ere they can inherit the emancipated worlds in etherea.

4. Nor are these my revelations to mortals only, but to thousands of millions of the spirits of the dead, who know not the plan of the resurrection to higher heavens; but who wander about on the earth, not even knowing the organizations of the kingdoms in my lowest of heavens.

5. Whom I reach by coming to mortals, and to places on the earth where they abide.

6. For many such angels believe the heavens to be as an unorganized wilderness, void of government and instruction and discipline.

7. And by virtue of their presence with mortals, though invisible to them, do inspire mortals with the same darkness. Wherefrom mortals have concluded there are neither Lords nor God, who are Jehovih's high officers in these kingdoms.

8. These matters shall be set forth in brief in Eskra; the fullness of which shall be opened unto mortals and angels in time near at hand; for they shall see and read the books in the libraries of these heavens, and learn to know of their own knowledge.

9. Therefore the light of this Book of Eskra is not of one God, or one Lord, or one recording angel, who are constantly succeeding one another, but of the body of the first heavens of the earth for the period of this cycle which is now at the close.

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