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1. BECAUSE Thou gavest into mine own hand to exalt myself, O Jehovih! For perpetual resurrection shapedst mine every part before I knew the way of the Almighty! Praise be unto Thee forever! Saith the Faithist!

2. Because Thou providedst from the ancient times for Thy Mighty word. From everlasting Thou hast provided prophets to know the way of the Omnipotent! To reveal the unseen heavens created by Thee!

3. Because Thou hast kept alive the line of Thy Majesty in mortals! Built a house for Thy chosen, wide as the world! Faith in Thee above all things in earth or heaven. Saith the Faithist!

4. When all the world beside faileth, Thou, my Creator, standest before me Mighty and full of love. Thou One Alone, imperishable forever, and just and merciful. Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih, Who art greater than All!


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