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1. PRAISE be unto Thee, Jehovih! Who can search out the completeness of Thy creation?

2. Or know the magnitude of Thy places, Thou Almighty! And thy endless inventions?

3. Thou shalt be My theme forever, to find the far-seeing devices of my Creator, the work of my soul.

4. I was alone in the world. Angels and men fed not my soul; I was hungered and in gloom.

5. Then I turned to Thee, Thou Almighty. And Thou gavest me a new growth, a fruit of life in fire!

6. Which grew brighter and brighter. And my vision was recovered, and Thy heavens were opened as a book is opened.

7. And I drank of Thy waters, and ate of the tree of the resurrection to Thy everlasting kingdoms.

8. The secret of Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih, was uncovered; the way of Thy Mightiness made imperishable forever!

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