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1. THEN answered Jehovih to those that had an infant born:

2. What I have quickened into life, behold, it is My gift. It is a flower of p. 663 sunshine molded by a touch of My hand. Provide ye unto it, O My beloved. Fence My garden around, that serpents can not enter. The time shall come when this living soul shall be as a God in My heavens. His light shall be brighter than a sun!

3. Then spake Jehovih to the infant: Light of My light, O My Son! To thee I give the earth and the heavens, to be thine forever! And the waters of the earth and the air of the firmament, to be thine forever! And the forests and mountains and valleys, to be thy paradise forever. And the oceans and seas, to be thine forever. And lastly, O My Son, what I gave to no other animal on earth or in the waters thereof, or in the air of heaven, give I unto thee; behold, I give thyself to thee.

4. And I give thee guardian angels to walk by thee and show thee My great delights and the way of My resurrections! They shall speak to thy soul to keep thee in the right way. Hear thou them and follow in the way of thy Creator, and thou shalt rejoice all the days of thy life.

5. But thy corporeal eyes and ears and thy corporeal judgment give I unto thine own hands. Remember, My Son, learn thou corporeal knowledge through thy soul, for it is of Me, and thou shalt not err. But shut out the way of My voice, and follow thy corporeal senses only, and thou shalt go down in darkness for a long season.

6. Remember thy Creator at all times and seasons, and thou shalt rejoice because thou art this day brought forth an heir of everlasting life.

7. Then spake Jehovih to the ashars, the guardian angels: Into your keeping, O My beloved, give I this My Son, quickened by My very breath to live forever. In your regular turns, watch and watch, guard ye him from this time forth, for he is the fruit I bequeath unto you. And in due time ye shall render his soul unto My asaphs in heaven, being glorified therein.

8. Nor shall ye ever make yourselves known to him through his corporeal senses; for your labor is with the spirit. But when ye find it rightful that angels shall approach his corporeal understanding, see to it that they be exalted and in the way of My everlasting kingdoms. For the plan of My creations is for the resurrection of the soul of man to be forever and ever!

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