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1. THEN answered Jehovih to those that wept for the dead:

2. What I have taken away was Mine, and I return it to the place it belongeth; but the soul, which I also gave, I carry into a new region of delight. In My hand is the spirit of the dead, and I raise it up to the delightful places I created for it. Yea, it shall find its love, and rejoice in My arms, because of the glory of My heavens.

3. In the times of My seasons the soul of the dead shall stand by the living; and testify to the endless creations which I provided, to perish not, forever! As a cord that lifteth a weight, so shall be the soul of the dead to those that are stricken in sorrow.

4. And I will uncover My heavens unto those; and My angels shall come down from My exalted kingdoms by the light of the line of their love; and they shall rejoice in the way of My dominions, and glorify Me and My works.

5. Thrice, at the times of the setting sun, shall ye assemble and sing for the soul of the dead, remembering his virtues in great praise. Then shall ye deliver his spirit unto My asaphs for the mansion I have built. And I will render unto him the delights of My kingdoms according to the light of his understanding.

6. And ye shall put away all mourning and all signs of mourning; and learn to understand the way of My resurrection. Rebuke Me not, O My beloved, by draping yourselves in black cloth and veils of crape. What I have done, I have done.

7. For the time shall come unto My beloved when they shall look back and say: It was well! And in the time of Jehovih it happened well, when it so happened! Though we saw not then, we now behold, as Gods and Goddesses, the way of the Almighty!

8. To sing and to rejoice in Me, O My beloved; and to attain to great knowledge; these are the roads I created, shining, diversified and broader than the imagination of man. By death provide I the resurrection of the souls of the dead. Mourn not for My proceedings, O My beloved! But be ye wise and rejoice with discretion in the glory of My creations.

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