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Chapter V

1. GOD said: Blessed is the surgeon's knife; its burn is the capital of health regained; but yet a fool will cry out: Hold! hold! enough! thou inflicter of pain!

2. Who hath an eye like Jehovih? His whipping-posts are on all sides, but there is a clear road between them. Yet man followeth it not.

3. Withdraw all good men and good angels, and there is no person left; they would not be half made up. A man without an arm or a leg is but part of a man; a man without perception of the All Person is a deformity in soul. He seeketh a home for his own ease and glory; but the Son of Jehovih seeketh to find the severest labor that will profit his brethren.

4. Yeshuah shall be my homestead; hither will I bring the fruit of heaven below; hither build my training schools. Seven years shall be my service; and they shall learn the ways of etherea. Build me a house of brotherhood and fill it with willing pupils sworn to labor. I will make them Gods and Lords with power and wisdom.

5. Behold a man maketh a factory and turneth out fabric for sale. I make a college and I turn out sons and daughters of Jehovih, to give away. Bring me such material as will stand in warp and filling; Jehovih's fabric shall endure forever. Search me out the seed of I'hin, and house them with care, for they shall redeem the earth-born after I ascend to the Father's kingdom.

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