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1. THEN answered Jehovih to the songs of praise that rose up from His hundreds of thousands of millions, to the sum of His mighty creations.

2. Peace, My beloved! And great joy! I have heard your voice of praise! I answer you with millions of new creations! Farther than the farthest, boundless! Thousands of millions of years are the works of My hand! I go not about turning water into wine, like a magician, or professing to raise the dead!

3. But yet I raise the dead, the souls of the dead, into worlds shining, brilliant, full of loveliness! I take them not backward to toil and sorrow; but upward, onward, to heavens of delight, that perish not, forever.

4. Mine is the Tree of Life, forever growing and rich in blossoms and sweet perfumes. The dead are Mine, the spirits of the dead My young blossoms full of promise, speaking soul-words for the glory of My heavens.

5. Whom I quickened into life are Mine, and I watch over them Fatherly and in great wisdom. Nor suffer I them to go out of being forever. And I provide My heavenly places broad, boundless, so that the soul of man can never reach to the boundary thereof.

6. Though they stray away for a season, yet have I provided them to return to Me in the end. And I make them a banquet, and provide unto them a feast, a home of love, with music and dancing even on the threshold of wisdom.

7. Weep not for the dead, O My beloved! I have places of delight for the righteous, full of rejoicing and wonderful! And the soul of the dead entereth therein, as one that emergeth from a veil, to shout with great joy for the provisions I created, plentiful and brilliant.

8. Heaven after heaven have I created as a new surprise of great happiness to My Sons and Daughters, in the way of My resurrections. Rejoice and be merry in holiness! Open your eyes, My beloved, and behold the works of My hands which I provided to be yours forever.

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