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1. O that I could sing the songs of Thy heavens. Thy sweet places of delight, Hanoshea and O-chi-ma and Riviokim and Pethsiades and Yenades; to find earth-words descriptive of their delightful holiness and rejoicing in the Almighty!

2. O that I could display their mountains and valleys and their wide plains! Their shining waters and their forests and their stalactites and innumerable high arches. Their thousands of millions of angels full of joy and loveliness! Their wonderful music, poured forth in Thy praise, Jehovih.

3. Their dancing, millions in a dance; their boating and swift excursions, like thoughts in unison flying forth, mighty in power, gleeful and full of romance! High in the grades, spotless, pure, every one a flower, a star, a diadem in the kingdom of the Almighty!

4. O that I could sing of the order of Thy heavens! And of the wonderful roadways from one to another! How Thou hast planted elements in Thy kingdoms, ever trying the skill and knowledge of Thy angels! Where genius and wisdom ever lead in Thy ways, Jehovih.

5. Who but Thee, O Father, could create these never-ending varieties of heavens! These wonderful plateaux, suitable habitations for the spirits of the dead! Ever providing the higher to lift up the lower! In system and good discipline displaying the wonders of the Almighty! p. 662

6. O that I could sing in words to the understanding of mortals!

7. And to such as had been called sinners and most wicked who had become in time like diadems in Thy crown, Jehovih, sparkling, bright with perfect holiness!

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