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1. NEXT sang Steinhover, the heaven of the beautiful plateau, Owgawahha, surrounded by the heavenly seas, Hiajom and Praj and Sumakaqa and Yadzad: Glory be to Thee, Jehovih, in Whom my delightful thousands of million angels rejoice with great joy.

2. My four million places of learning, and my innumerable factories sprung up for the glory of the Almighty. O that I could find earth-words for the understanding of mortals! To show them the wonders of Jehovih!

3. O that they could sail in the ships of Steinhover, and witness the high arches and delightful forests on the shores of Sumakaqa and Yadzad! And understand the teaching of angels, to rise in mastery of the elements created by the Omnipotent!

4. To know the power of union; the secret of the thrift of the delightful heaven, Steinhover, on the beautiful plateau Owgawahha. Sing unto the Great Spirit, the Fountain of All; the All Fullness of Glory forever!

5. After her came the songs of Naphatat and Gur and Suth, the three heavenly places on the plateau, Chin-jah, high-raised over the earth divisions, Uropa and Asia, wider than the earth.

6. With their five thousand million angels in their forty million cities, heavenly, full of delight and great wisdom, high in the grades. Singing gleefully of their two thousand rivers and a million high arches.

7. Next came the songs of the heavens, Aden and Magapor, with four thousand million angels, high in the grades. Lauding their seventy million schools and colleges, and their sea Seinthius, with its waters of silver and gold, and three million crystal stalagmites.

8. With her loud song: Jehovih be praised! Thou Great Spirit, Who provideth unto us Thy unspeakable delights. All hail, Thou Almighty! Hear the great joy of Aden and Magapor, with their four thousand million angels rejoicing in Thy name, Jehovih!

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