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p. 660


1. THEN Farja sang: Thy Daughter, O Jehovih! Thy Schliegashawaka, uplifted unto Thee, Thou Almighty! I am Thy heaven, O Father, with six million cities in the plateau Shia Chong, far in the grades.

2. With three million places of learning for the es'yans newly risen from the earth; the colleges of Sitiviyanpegonska on the very high mountain, Hoit'su'gonderoga, heavenly.

3. With four million factories and eight hundred million angels, high in the grades, joyous, full of wisdom and song, masterly in Thy elements, created by Thee, Thou Almighty Creator!

4. Well weaned from the earth and corporeal desires, heavenly aspiring! With their heads turned upward and their souls in the way of Jehovih! Most righteous; and in unison, striving in the way of Jehovih!

5. O that I could find corporeal words for the love of my heaven! For the joy of my eight hundred millions! And of heavenly things display to mortals the glorious creations created by the All Light, Jehovih!

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