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1. THOU, my Creator, and of great glory, who fashioned atmospherea full of heavens; adorned the intermediate world with Thy mighty hand, resplendent with holiness in Thy praise.

2. Praise be to Thee, Thou Highest, in Whom the worlds shine with the light of the Almighty! Thy three great worlds, the corporeal, the atmospherean and the etherean, bright and full of holiness in Thy praise.

3. Praise Jehovih, ye atmosphereans, ye es'yan fruit of the Almighty. Sing to Him in your plateaux of millions of cities, in praise of the Creator proclaim the multitude of your places.

4. Let Hatawah and Drom and Yokanad sound the trumpets of Jehovih in their ten thousand cities, and their hundreds of thousands of colleges and wide farms. The Almighty forever!

5. And the plateaux, Habur and Nafghad, with their twelve thousand shining rivers and their seventy thousands cities of the factories of heaven, founded in the fair fields of Jehovih's heavens!

6. Sing ye in praise of the Great Spirit, ye heavens that travel with the earth in the vortex Avonitivi. Ye atmospherean heavens, Gonza and Speantogotha, with your thousand million angels.

7. Ye plateaux, Gobria, Sagaghizan and Loowanogo, with your seven million colleges and factories, your heavenly delights for perfecting the spirits of mortals in the ways of the Almighty.

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