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1. SINCE thousands of years Thine enemies have raised up hundreds of Gods and Lords and Saviors; and they cry out: O come thou, believe in my God! Believe in my Redeemer!

2. They draw the sword and spear, and cry out: Fall down, thou heathen! Worship my God and Savior, or die! Behold the mighty armies of the Lord! Down, thou heathen, or die!

3. Thou alone, Jehovih, standest Indestructable and Almighty! Thou alone Acceptable and All Pleasant! Thou Brilliant, Thou Home of Delight! Who never deceivest or commandest to war or death.

4. About Thee there can be no dispute, Thou Fountain of all. As Thou taughtest in the ancient days: There is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih! So to-day is Thy utterance: There is but One, even the All One!

5. What is Osiris, the Savior, or the Osirian principle, that man should turn from the Almighty to consider? Or Apollo, or the Apollo principle, that man should turn from the Creator to consider?

6. What is Thor, or Thammus, or Yima, or principles of any of these, or what is their plan of salvation, compared to Jehovih's. Thou only, O Father, art All Sufficient unto all.

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