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Chapter IV

1. THE Council of Yeshuah, of which there were one million members, was formed in groups, and these again represented in groups, and these in still other groups. Consequently, a group of one thousand had one speaker, who became the voice of that thousand; of these speakers, one hundred had one voice in council; and of these, ten had one voice before God, p. 53 and he was the voice of the whole, and Jehovih was his voice. Thus was the whole council represented in all its parts. And this was the manner of proceeding, to wit:

2. God commanded the subject; the council deliberated in thousands, and each speaker became aware of the voice of his group. Then these speakers assembled in hundreds and deliberated, and they again centered into one voice; and each ten of these had one voice before God. Thus it came to pass that the decrees of God were both the wisdom of men and of Jehovih. Hence the saying: When God said this, or God commanded that, it was the word of Jehovih expressed by men and angels.

3. After God and his hosts visited the earth and the lower heaven, they returned to Yeshuah and sat in council on the affairs of mortals and atmosphereans.

4. God said: Behold, the heavens and earth have become like gardens grown foul and rank, producing nothing. I have come with a pruning knife and a consuming fire.

5. God said: I withdraw from the Druj and the Druk the beneficence of Jehovih's chosen; I leave them destitute. Who can approach the beggar with wisdom, or the king with inspiration to be good? A drowning man will try to swim; but the reveler in lust must perish before his soul can learn Jehovih.

6. Better is it to labor with a child from infancy, and thence to maturity, to teach it aright, than to strive with a score of conceited adults, and fail to redeem one. Who is the mocker of charity more than they that give to such as can help themselves but will not? Wisdom and uprightness of heart are but bread. Preach not to unwelcome ears; are sermons of wisdom to be forced into men's souls?

7. Blessed Jehovih! He made hunger, and so men love bread. Without hunger they would not eat. A wise God driveth home to man's understanding his helplessness in spirit when Jehovih is denied.

8. Pursue the earth, O my beloved; bring hence all light. Pursue the lower heaven of the earth also; bring hence all light. I will leave the earth and heaven in darkness one whole year. They shall cry out; their conceit in the dumb wind shall fail.

9. Have not the spirits of heaven despoiled Hored and Moeb? Do not evil spirits and evil men say: Behold, there is enough! Let us divide. But they produce not. They are devourers; living on others' substance. The Great Spirit made man to exert; by exertion groweth he in wisdom and strength.

10. They seek ease and comfort; helpless and more helpless they fall; they are on the road to everlasting destruction. Happy is the God who can arouse them.

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