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1. PRAISE the Great Spirit, O Petris and Obsod, ye heavenly kingdoms of the etherean heavens of Fragapatti, ye place of the roads of Rogga, with ninety million miles of I'yuan plains!

2. And Sitta and Goomatchala and South'eng, ye heavenly plains hanging on the mountain line of the Lunitzzi, with the twenty million arches over the Holy Lakes and seas of Onatoosa!

3. Let your ninety thousand million etherean angels rejoice in the glory of the Almighty; the footstool of His kingdom hath quickened on the red star; the shout goeth up to Jehovih forever!

4. And ye angels of the vast Orian kingdoms, Yan and Wawauk and Zi and Alawa and Aili and Ref and Zuth, ye foundations of the highways of the Yoogan Hissawa, ye swamps and plains of See'niyivi.

5. Proclaim ye the fruit of Loo, the arc of the organizer of mortal kingdoms on the earth. The Omnipotent hath spoken in the high heaven of kosmon, spoken out of the fruit of Loo.

6. Call up Rappaya and Hanosta, the etherean kingdoms with the angels of the Yimyim arches, and the High bridge of Lips, over the etherean sea of the burning waters of Vestakad.

7. Sing unto the Almighty, ye heavens that sent volunteers in the army of Fragapatti; the fruit of your labor riseth on high. Kus and Zittayyabaugh, ye, the voice of the Almighty.

8. He speaketh in the labor of high-raised Sons and Daughters. His Voice is in the echo of thanksgiving that riseth up from the red star in songs of praise to the Almighty.

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