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1. O Dae, thou arc of Osiris, and thou, Hetta. Come let us rejoice together in the Almighty. Let us remember the beginning of learning amongst mortals. The time of mortals beginning to teach one another of Jehovih!

2. In praise of the Person of all, let us hold up our heads and rejoice, O Hennassalonkya, with thy ten thousand valleys in the congregations of thy forty thousand million angels! The time of knowledge was sown on earth.

3. Praise ye Jehovih, O Dows, with thy thousands of mountains and high arches, and thou, O Schlienuk, and thou, O M'dor, thou pride of the etherean road Tussakaya; and thou, Thassa, thou doorway of Hemmet'dor.

4. Let us join together in anthem to Jehovih, O Vupper and Nedaya; the measure of the Almighty is overflowing, the Nessaj is attuned in seven thousand etherean cities; the traveling place of the ships of Osiris' mighty hosts.

5. And ye Orian kingdoms, Sowinita and Antwa and Lubbak and Oltbak, the places of the cataracts of the segean oceans; the home of the thirty thousand million ship-builders for the vortices of Anakonga and Higohadsumad.

6. And ye volunteer heavens, Seeing and Lowtsin, and Nool and Hoessis; with your thirty million High arches and seven million miles of Holy Mountains, ye crystal heavens of the Hapsendi, Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!

7. Proclaim the Creator, O thou, Loogab, thou etherean heaven with the sea of Aginodi, the sea of fire! The running sea of four million miles, the fountain of thirty million rainbows!

8. Jehovih the Almighty, the Matchless and Ever Extended! O Thou Greatest of all that is Great! Thou Surpassor, Who hath fashioned wider and more glorious than even Gods can imagine, glory be to Thee, forever and ever.

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