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1. HEAR the voice of the Faithists, O Father: I cry out unto Thee since thousands of years. In the time of my great afflictions have I remembered my Creator.

2. And my brother who went after Death stoned me; with curses smote he the chosen of Jehovih. In the time of sore pain I called out: Jehovih, Jehovih!

3. I said: O that this had not been! O that the Great Spirit would enlighten him! But Thou shapedst him to fetch him in the last day.

4. And the cloud blew away; the sun of righteousness shone across the heavens of the earth. In the time of my sorrow I saw Thy wisdom in this.

5. By my pains deliveredst Thou my brother; in Thy praise do I now look back to the time of my pains in the throes of Death.

6. Glory be unto Thee, Jehovih! Thou Everlasting Present, Who findeth a way in the spoil of Thine enemies to magnify the glory of Thy places unto the Almighty.

7. What was my pain before Thee! Or my affliction more than a mother for the glory of her first-born! Into my cup of bitterness Thou hast poured nectar and sweet crystals.

8. Never more shall I complain, Jehovih! or consider Thy enemy but to deliver him unto Thee. My cup of nectar will I hold to his profane lips, that he may taste of Thy glory!

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