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1. SING unto Him, O ye mountains; and send unto Him the sound of rippling waters, O ye valleys!

2. And all ye singing winds of heaven! Ye whistling wind, on the high mountains, and thou whispering breeze on the plain!

3. Praise Him, thou lightning, and thou peal of thunder! Rend ye the air of heaven in Jehovih's praise!

4. Sing to Him, thou surging river, and thou moaning sea of waters! He playeth as on the harp, with the dumb elements.

5. His strains are mighty! His tunes are the hum and whir of falling waters. Sing to Jehovih, O ye great water-falls!

6. Chant ye everlastingly, and write His name in the bow that perisheth not, forever.

7. He that tuneth the forests to sing in the clouds; that stringeth His instrument with hemlock and pine and cedar.

8. Who maketh the forests beat time to His strains. Praise ye Jehovih, forever and ever.

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