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1. SING unto Jehovih, O all ye living! Proclaim His love, which He gave unto all! Every one, that lovest to live on, to die not.

2. O the weeping and wailing, when thy kin goeth down in death! Thy call unto the Almighty to prolong yet a while the time of thy love! or to hear the song of him that is dead!

3. In Jehovih's praise is the wail of thy anguish; thy great sorrow, the love of the Almighty; the fountain of song and paradise. Sing on, O earth, Jehovih, forever!

4. O that I could answer them, Jehovih! that I could show them Thy fullness, which encompasseth the universe! To show them the testimonies of the thread of Thy love!

5. I will have my discourse with Thee, Thou Ever Present! In the harmony of Thy loves will I immerse my soul! Thou, the Fountain and Source of my contemplation.

6. Thou, Who art all; my Creator, Who gavest me judgment and perception to search into the magnitude of Thy creations.

7. Who shall frame a song, or find words to laud the Almighty! Thou art the Throne and the Empire. Thy footstool, the sun and moon and stars!

8. O that I may prolong my vision of Thee, and pursue the thread of Thy creations to the fountain-head. Thou, without a boundary, where all things utter Thy praise forever!

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