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1. ALMIGHTY! Almighty! Love Abounding! Who gathered up the dust of the earth, as a wind, with judgment and forethought; and sorted the substance thereof and shaped it.

2. None but Thee, Jehovih, looked on or knew Thy proceedings. And to one Thou saidst: Be thou a beast of the field; and to another: Be thou a serpent; and to another: Be thou a wild beast of the forest.

3. And they ran forth at Thy command, every one to his place, rejoicing in the work of Thy hand. And I looked thereon, O Thou Almighty! What work of perfection in each, even to the flesh and bones.

4. But Thou turnedst mine eyes inward, and I saw the wisdom of the serpent and the beast; and the thoughts and desires of their understanding, how perfectly Thou hast made them.

5. I saw the love Thou gavest each unto its own kind; yea, even the serpent gathered up her young, because of her love, to shield them from harm.

6. O that I could find the first Cause of the judgment of every living thing! To come close to the Almighty; to question Him!

7. Thou Who shapedst a moiety of earth, and said: Be thou a bird, with feathers! Fly and sing! And it went forth, upward in the air of heaven, rejoicing in Thy name, Jehovih!

8. To another: Be thou an eagle; in ice and snow freeze not; above the clouds proclaim the Almighty!

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