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1. O Thou, Jehovih, give me words rich in Thy praise; my soul is like a fountain springing up out of the earth.

2. I would look upon Thee; into Thy face, O my Creator, who taketh away my breath by the awe of Thy countenance.

3. Thou, who fashioned the broad earth and the high heavens! O, the works of Thy hand, Jehovih!

4. Where shall I start with my song unto Thee; or find words to laud the Almighty?

5. Proclaim His Unity, O my beloved; proclaim Him, in one breath, together, O all ye people. Jehovih! Jehovih!

6. O that I could magnify words to p. 653Thy Omnipotence, or hold up the perfection of Thy Person in fine speech!

7. But I am as one distracted by the over-whelming scene. My words cripple and halt continually before Thy surprising creations.

8. O that I could find a starting point; or knew a way to make rhymes and meters without rules, like the works of Jehovih!

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