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1. SING unto the All Giver, Jehovih! Praise Him, O all ye people, with great rejoicing. And all ye living that dwell on the face of the earth.

2. And ye young that are skipping and playing; and ye birds that carol to the Almighty. His seed is sown abroad. His fruit springeth from stones that are moldered to dust.

3. In the waters of the earth, and in the air above the earth, Jehovih hath spoken: Come forth and live, O ye that swim, and ye that fly in the air. The Great Spirit hath touched the fountains of the deep.

4. The air of heaven is peopled with His breath. The song of everything that liveth proclaimeth Thee, Jehovih. Thou Person of all persons.

5. O that I could sum up the multitude of their songs and rejoicings. What a world of testimony in Thy praise! All my life I would sing them over and over.

6. Thou Quickener unto life. Thou All Father. Who hath counted Thy inventions and the multiplicity of Thy living creatures?

7. Open the way, O earth, for the songs of His beloved; give ear and rejoice because of the glee of His household. They shall dance forever before the Almighty.

8. Stir them up with love and caresses, O Father! Show them the splendor of Thy creations, perfect in the glow of Thy firelight.

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