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1. S.: BY what authority approachest thou the Chamber of Adepts?

2. I.: As Jehovih created me, so I am.

3. S.: What canst thou do?

4. I.: I labor more than sufficient to provide for myself. I govern my passions and corporeal desires; I never speak in anger, or even think in anger, or hatred or envy. I never talk of myself, or what I can do, or what I have done, so as to laud myself. Neither do I seek to justify myself, by words or arguments, for errors which I may have committed. I contend with no one for anything, or principle, or knowledge of my own. I administer unto others for their corporeal and spiritual resurrection and happiness.

5. S.: Wouldst thou not contend for right and justice, against wrong and bondage?

6. I.: Alas, I might be in error as to what is right or wrong, or justice, or bondage. Nay, I contend not at all; neither do I resist; nor set up my judgment against any man's. The light of the Father which I receive, that declare I unto others.

7. S.: What else hast thou attained?

8. I.: To adapt myself to others, so as to be desired by them. I have taught myself to love to wait on and assist the low and depraved; to wash them and provide them with comfort. I have overcome all desire to serve myself for self-sake in any way whatsoever.

9. S.: What are thy possessions?

10. I.: Nothing. I have put away all earthly possessions.

11. S.: What are thy qualifications?

12. I.: Try me.

13. The initiate is now tried as to his capacity to see spiritually, whilst blindfolded, and to hear spiritually something beyond the reach of mortal ears. Then he exhibiteth the power of angels to write on the tablets before the altar, in presence of witnesses. After this the initiate asketh the angels to lift him to the ceiling, and this is also accomplished in presence of witnesses. Next he casteth himself in trance, and the angels come in sar'gis and talk to the people. After this he goeth out of his mortal body, traveling in spirit to a neighbor's house, seeing and hearing what is there, and making his spirit manifest unto that place; and then he returneth and re-inhabiteth his own body. Thus endeth the trial.)

14. S.: Thou art found worthy of the most sacred Order of Adepts. What hopest thou to gain by this initiation?

15. I.: By meeting with like fellows, the soul of man findeth a haven of rest, after which man cometh forth again invigorated for arduous labor.

16. (After this, followeth the ceremony of passing the arch, and attaining to the foot of the throne of light, where the initiate maketh his vows to Jehovih. Music bells, etc., etc., omitted.)

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