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High Noon, or Sun Degree.--The same Tablet is used in this degree as in Dawn. The children of Dawn always used the sacred name of Eolin, whilst the sons and daughters of the All Light say, Eloih or Jehovih.

For the full reading of the Tablet Emeth, the student will find assistance in the preceding tablets.

1. DANG: Let the Faithist remember his Father in heaven. The rising Sun adorneth the East.

(Here the Onetavis and the Emeth'a give the signs of Dawn, facing to the East.)

2. DANG: Give voice, O ye that remember Him. His name is a power in heaven and earth.

3. O. and I.: In Jehovih's name! (The salutation and signs withheld from publication.)

4. D.: Before proceeding on the road of everlasting life, let the Hyarh measure the bread and meal, that far-distant regions may not entrap us in want. If the measure be short, then we must replenish.

(The Hyarh pass five times around the altar, spelling the sacred name by the motions of their arms, halting for that purpose at the eastern fire. The Orgives now bring forth a polished stone tablet, with chalk or ink to write with, and lie the tablet on the altar to the south of the tripod and the prophet's seat. Wa-wa-tu-sa'a (women), five in number, bring water in basins and set them down by the feet of the Emeth'a. Hyarh saith:)

5. Arise, O Children of Dawn! Come to the west of the altar, O Children of Dawn! (This do they.)

6. EAST: (with sound of gong, twice): Hear us, O Jehovih! Thy voice be with us. Thy wisdom guide us. Thy love exalt us. As we hope for Thy exalted angels to come and minister to us, O show us, Mighty and All Perfect, how we can best minister to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Sting us, O Jehovih, as with wasps and nettles, if we fail to devote our whole time to the lifting up of our fellow-men. Thou hast measured all things, and made wisely. Hearken to me, O Jehovih.

(Seven priests, representatives of the seven stars, now pass in front of the East, but face south and salute upward with the twelve preceeding signs.)

7. EAST: Jehovih saith: As a builder measureth the place for the house and provideth a sure foundation, let not My chosen neglect the All Light that I have given to every soul. Ye are as the stones in one building in My sight; and every one must be squared for the place I fashioned from the beginning. The Emeth'a shall be My house; to them will I give the whole earth. Yea, all others shall fail; but My chosen shall not fail.

8. Jehovih saith: There have been idolators from the time of the ancients to this day. Yea, they have had idols of stone and wood and brass; and they have had spirits in heaven and hell, before whom they bowed down and worshiped, but I put their idols away and none can find them. See to it, O My beloved, that ye be searched out and made upright before Me.

9. HYARH: Speak, O Emeth'a! Before the Father, raise up your voices. What was the building of the house of Dawn? How stood the temple? How stood the spirit chamber thereof?

(The Emeth'a here give the description and name the instruments used, the position of the stars, after which they repeat the reading of Tablet Emeth, all of which is withheld from publication. After this the Hyarh saith:)

10. H.: By what right are ye in this chamber of light?

11. EM.: By right of our covenant with Jehovih. Behold the ark! Jehovih's name we have written.

p. 633

12. H.: What was done at Dawn in the East?

13. EM.: A philosopher passed twice about the table of the ancients. He held the key of many in one, and disclosed it before our eyes. After that he lighted the incense and departed. Then we covenanted, swearing an oath unto Jehovih, which was duly deposited, and thereupon were proclaimed under a Hawitcha with Dhargot, and then saluted Children of Dawn.

14. H.: Are ye still steadfast in your oath?

15. EM.: Yea.

16. H.: What more desire ye?

17. EM.: More light from heaven!

18. H.: Of the earth shall man learn earthly things. But light from heaven descendeth to mortals by the angels in heaven, who are servants of the Most High!

19. EAST: As the sun at noon is to the corporeal earth, so is Jehovih to the souls of men. As the eye turneth to the east to behold the rising sun, so turneth the spirit of the Child of Dawn to Jehovih, the Great Spirit.

20. NORTH: He hath uttered the sacred name. His hands have made the signs of the ancients. His feet have run quickly to the afflicted, and his substance lifted them up.

21. EAST: As the wicked find strength in armies, so, not single-handed, laboreth the Child of Dawn.

22. NORTH: He hath united in a brotherhood with many. In the chamber of holies supplicated he the Great Spirit. The words of enchantment are at his tongue's end; with his own hand writeth he on stone the pass-word of the Faithist. It is the circumference of all. It extendeth from left to right, and from below and upward, and it holdeth the symbol of life.

23. EAST: I am the Self within all selfs, saith Jehovih. Nor things seen, nor things unseen, nor light and darkness are, nor were, but all things proceed out of Me, and are of Me. Into motion and life quickened I them, and all of them are but members of My body.

24. EAST: I made man a spirit, but I gave him a corporeal body that he might learn corporeal things, saith Jehovih. Death I made that man might inherit My etherean worlds in the firmament of heaven.

25. EAST: But man turned away from Me and desired the things of earth; and after death his spirit was bound to that which he desired, and he became a wandering spirit on the face of the earth.

26. EM.: In the midst of my desires I am cast down. I am unworthy in thy sight, O Jehovih! Have I not set store on my house and my land, and on all manner of earthly things? Yea, as with a chain, have I bound my spirit to become a wanderer on the earth?

27. EAST: Man buildeth a kingdom, and he gathereth riches, saith Jehovih. Yea, he warreth against his brethen for the glory of the king and chief ruler, and the profane man. For opinion's sake they slay one another outright.

28. EAST: Jehovih said: The spirit of the rich man have I bound, and the warrior, and great captain, and the man of renown, and the leader of men; and his spirit can not rise up from the earth. A companion have I made him in the lower heavens to the wanton and the drunkard, to the chaotic and foul-smelling.

29. EM.: Never, O Jehovih, will I raise up my hand against any man; nor will I war for the king, nor chief ruler, nor for any man, nor for any land, nor house, nor earthly thing. And though I be placed in front of battle, yet will I not take any man's life! So help me, O Father in heaven.

30. EAST: And the spirit of the bound have I made to encompass the earth in all places, and until they put away the darkness that is in them, they shall not inherit My etherean worlds, saith Jehovih. Neither shall they hear My voice, nor believe in My person, for they have descended into darkness and are blind and dumb to My glories in the firmament of heaven.

31. EAST: But I provided for them in their darkness, saith Jehovih. For I bring the earth into a light region in the firmament above, and I send My holy angels to deliver them out of darkness and bondage. In My name raise they up men with eyes to see and ears to hear, and I proclaim unto all the nations of the earth.

32. EM.: Make of my body and my spirit, O Jehovih, a servant unto Thee; and whatsoever Thou puttest upon me, that will I accept and do with all my might and wisdom and love. That which Thou hast taught me, will I proclaim, fearing naught that may come upon me; for Thou shalt make of me an example of steadfastness for Thy glory. For the loss of my earthly Gods will I complain not; nor for imprisonment nor toil, nor sickness nor death! To Thy servant these things are as nothing. Without Thee, O Jehovih, I am as nothing; but Thy servant will I be henceforth forever. Amen!

p. 634

33. HYARH: My friends, what was the light of the ancients?

34. EM.: To learn the earth and call if Ah! To learn the sky and call it Oh! To learn the unseen power, as the wind, and call it E-O-Ih!

35. H.: Which was the secret pass-word to the lodge of light with the ancients? What was next?

36. EM.: To worship Eloih; to do no murder; to keep holy one day in seven; to steal not and to commit no adultery.

37. H.: What was the next light?

38. EM.: To do not unto others that which we desire not done unto us.

39. H.: What next?

40. EM.: To do unto others even as we desire them to do unto us; to love one's neighbor as one's self; to return good for evil.

(Here ended the ancient light. But in kosmon, to the order of this day, is added:)


42. EM.: This, also, do I accept of Thee, O Jehovih. Help me to swerve not, O Thou Light of my soul, for Thy glory and for the glory of Thy dominions, forever!

(Thereupon follow the anointing rod of fire and the key to the astronomical problems. After this the Em. are conducted to North, South, West, and East, where they are bestowed with raiment, the ceremony of which is withheld from publication.)

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