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1. THESE that follow being the first three rites of Emethachavah, that is to say:

2. M'git'ow said: A baker came to sell me bread. I said: Sell thy bread to my wife. She and I are one.

3. The baker said: The two are one?

4. This was the beginning of wisdom. I went into a field and heard the birds singing:

5. The Unknown said: The twain are one!

6. I said: Couldst Thou, O Father, make all men as one, there would be peace and joy! No war!

7. The Unknown said: Make thou the Family of the Ancients! Husband and wife shall be thy key. Husband, wife and children shall be thy model.

8. I said: I can not make all men think alike, act alike, do alike.

9. A vision came upon me. I saw a score of musicians, and every one had a different instrument, and they set about tuning their instruments, every p. 630 one his own way, saying: Save we have our instruments tuned as one instrument, there can be no music; tune, therefore, thine instrument to mine.

10. After a long while they wearied, for they were no nearer than at first. And every one said: It is impossible to attune them! It is useless trying more.


PLATE 90.--As the student will percieve, the Tablet contains three degress. The headings only could be given in all such plates, being too complicated for hieroglyphic characters in such small space. For the outer rim, begin at the bottom and read alternately either side, till arriving at the top, where will be found the Symbol of Corpor and the great serpent (solar phalanx), and wark. The small stars in the inner circle represent the positions of mortals within the chamber during the ceremonies.

The three degrees are called: First M'git'ow (dawn); second, Hi'dang (high noon); third M-hak (golden chamber), which are given in darkness.

In English they are called, Dawn, Noon and Evening.

They were used about the time of Zarathustra (Zoroaster), or, say 8,000 or 9,000 years B.K.


11. The Unknown spake out of the firmament, saying: Choose ye one instrument first, and then attune another one to it. This accomplished, attune then a third instrument to them; after that, a fourth, and so on, and ye shall be all attuned alike.

12. Thereupon the musicians set to work, but could not agree whose should be the first instrument.

13. A pillar of fire descended from heaven and stood in the midst of the musicians; and in the centre of the pillar of fire there appeared an instrument called the All Perfect.

14. The instrument gave forth one note, and all the musicians attuned to it. The Voice said: I have given the key-note, find ye the rest.

15. The pillar of fire departed. The instruments thus attuned in harmony played rapturously. The vision then departed.

16. This I perceive: to make the man and wife one; to make the man, wife and child one; to make the village one; to make the state one; to make the empire one; all in harmony, as one instrument, can not be done without a Central Sun, a Creator, to attune to. When a man is attuned to Him, and a woman attuned to Him, they will themselves be as one. When the family and the village are attuned to Him, it is easy. Without Him harmony can not be.

17. He, the Creator, then, must be first in all things, first in all places. He must be the nearest of all things, nearest of all places. In our rites and ceremonies He must be the All Ideal Perfection! the embodiment of a Perfect Person.

(End of prelude.)

(T. goeth to the altar and lighteth the incense, and the priests come and stand beside the altar, they, and the initiates with them, saying:)

18. Emblem of worlds moldering into dust and of the harvest of souls ascending to the etherean realms above; emblem of mine own mortal dissolution and of the ascent of my soul, but whither, O Jehovih!

p. 631

19. In Thee, Jehovih, will I have faith. In Thee only. Emeth (Faith) shall be my name, the foundation of my soul.

20. Henceforth I will eschew fame and the applause of men. Mine hands will I fold against earthly fame, and in Thy name, prepare my soul for heaven!

(Signs withheld from publication.)

21. EAST: Over all the earth gave I dominion into man's hands; but I rule over man both on earth and in heaven, saith Jehovih. I fashioned the earth and breathed upon it, and man came forth a living soul. The veins in his body I made, and I made him conscious that he is. I speak into his ear, and hold up Mine hand before him that he may not err, but rejoice that he liveth and that he may glorify Me and My works. But he turneth aside and boasteth there is none greater than man.

22. P. and I.: O Jehovih, mighty in heaven, hallowed be Thy name! May I never forget Thee nor set myself up against Thee nor Thy kindgoms! (One bell.)

23. E.: Who are these that call on Jehovih's name?

24. P.: Wanderers on the earth who are unappeased with corporeal things. From Corpor to Es we turn in Jehovih's name.

25. E.: For what purpose are ye in this holy chamber?

26. I.: To be initiated into the light and dominions of heaven.

27. E.: Have ye been prepared for this?

28. I.: Yea.

29. E.: How have ye been prepared?

30. I.: We abstain from flesh food and from strong drink, and endeavor to purify our corporeal bodies.

31. E.: Man may be pure in the corporeal body, but unprepared to receive the wisdom of high heaven. How else have ye been prepared?

32. I.: We have witnessed the spirits of the dead who have returned to the earth, reclothed in corporeal appearances. We have talked with them in the presence of witnesses.

33. E.: My friends, since ye live on the earth, and can commune with the spirits of heaven, why are ye still unappeased?

34. I.: The people of the earth lust after the things of the earth, and deceive us on all occasions. The spirits who manifest are of little wisdom; they know but little of heaven.

35. E.: Since your faith in mortals is nothing, and your faith in spirits from heaven little more, how hope ye to gain wisdom and truth by calling on the name of Jehovih?

36. I.: We know there are angels in heaven who have risen above the bondage of earth. We aim to purify ourselves, that such may come to us and give us light. By attuning ourselves to Jehovih, we have faith that He will provide us according to our talents, which we received from His hand.

37. E.: Have ye not called for the spirits of the well-known?

38. I.: Alas, we find that spirits can assume any name and form, and so deceive us. We have no faith in names; they are as the wind. Some spirits have kingdoms in the lower heavens, and they seek to win subjects for themselves in time to come.

39. E.: How hope ye to distinguish free spirits from the bound?

40. I.: Spirits who talk of their own earthly lives, and of earthly things, are familiar spirits who abide with mortals. There are spirits above them who can come and teach us of things in heaven. By serving Jehovih, we hope to adapt ourselves to their presence.

41. E.: Have not Osiris, and Baal, and Dagon, and Ashtaroth, appeared in many places?

42. I.: It is so said, but they have shown no wisdom, nor have they come but through deceivers and persons who lust after earthly things.

43. E.: Save ye become workers for Jehovih, by lifting up your fellow-men, how hope ye for good angels to come and lift you up?

44. I.: What shall we do? Give us light?

45. E.: Make ye a covenant with Jehovih that your pledges may be recorded in high heaven. Consider your words, for Jehovih is ever present and heareth all done in His name. Angels are also present, who have no interest in the affairs of men, save for the redemption of their souls. That which ye swear shall ye do from this time forth forever!

46. P. and I.: This, then, be my covenant: I will serve Thee, O Jehovih, and no other God, nor Lord, nor any other person born of woman, who professeth to save the souls of men; nor will I pray to them or adore them; for by their names have the nations of the earth been accursed with war and destruction. But to Thee only, O Jehovih, will I pay homage and adoration, now and forever. For Thee will I labor, by doing righteously toward all men, and equally with all these my brethren, the Emeth (Faithists) in one Everlasting Father, p. 632 Creator of worlds! With all my might, and my wisdom and love, will I strive to enlighten my fellow-men and to lift them up out of darkness. More shall my labor be for others than for myself, henceforth forever! And my substance shall be given to relieve the helpless and distressed. Help me, O Jehovih, and make me strong in this my covenant, now and forever. Amen.

47. E.: This is the Dawn! Behold the rising Sun!

(The salutations are withheld from publication.

48. Ye are now on the road of everlasting light. Swerve not from your covenant with Jehovih, and the spirits from the second heaven will abide with you. He who taught you before will invest you with, etc.

(Withheld from publication.)

49. In the name of Eolin, and by His power and wisdom vested in me, do I receive thee as my brother (or sister, as the case may be) of the Ancient Order of Dawn of the Brotherhood of Emeth, and I salute thee with the rod, etc.

(Withheld from publication.)

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