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INTERPRETED, readeth thus:

1. MASTER: What seest thou?

2. INITIATE: The world lieth before me. Yea, the wide earth and all its riches. The living things upon it, and in the waters, and every breathing thing, and pearls and diamonds, and gold and silver; and at my hand, the rose and the lily, adorned by the Hand of Elohim.

3. M.: Seest thou nothing more?

4. I.: Yea, Master, the canopy of the firmament of heaven. In the midst thereof the light, burning sun, propeller of the vegetable world; the glory of day, and maker of light.

5. On either hand, in the vault of the firmament, countless stars, saying: In the glory of our magnitude, O man, forget not Him whose finger upraised the firmament!

6. M.: What more beholdest thou?

7. I.: The moon, who changeth her size and place according to the nightwatch of the Ghads who minister to the wants of mortals.

8. M.: Is this all?

9. I.: Nay, Master, on either side I behold a hand, one pointing upward and one downward.

10. One side of the world is all light and one side all black, and the hand that pointeth upward is on the light side, and the hand that pointeth downward is on the dark side. Here lieth the brush that wrote, and the sacred Gau, and above them the symbol of the burning candles of the ancients. Above these I behold the ark of the prophecy.

11. M.: Why haltest thou in thy speech? What seest thou?

12. I.: Alas, O Master, above the world I behold an evil foot, black and clothed with serpents.

13. Above the twin swords, crossed, is the sacred name, Elohim.

14. M.: What seest thou in the midst of the tablet, black and as with a net woven around?

15. I.: A new corporeal world, rich in growing things; sprung from the surface thereof, hang the sacred signs of holy Lords and Gods, appointed by the most high Elohim, apprised and guarding over the morning and evening of the first days.

16. Here the trumpet calleth to p. 622 the low earth, and to the spirits of mortals now dead, to come forth, inspiring teachers in all useful labors, to the new world above.

17. Fabric woven in the firmament of heaven is descending to the infant a'su. Thirsting for a kingdom in the lower heaven, standeth Baugh-ghan-ghad, the tyrant of newborn spirits in the lower heavens, watching the new earth.


Plate 83.--TABLET OF KII.

This Tablet and ceremonies belonged to Persia, Arabia and Heleste, Greece and Troy, and to the Algonquin tribes. The time was 5,200 years before kosmon.


18. His tablet is a coffin filled with serpents' tongues. In his footpath millions of dead that sang his name, to make him triumphant over Elohim, creep, accursing him in high heaven.

19. The pyramids, the temples of ancient Saviors; and the overflowing holy basin, and lighted Nu'ba, candlestick of Holy Sacrifice, and the black claw, the Anra'mainyus (the devil), are cast down and gone, yea, on the earth below another God is dead. But high up in the firmament, the seven sacred stars still shine, and the emblems graven by the Great Spirit.

20. M.: What are the working tools of man born of woman? What of the Gods and angels beside Elohim?

21. I.: Alas, O Master, I know not.

22. My friend, since thou art learned in Gau, why comest thou to learn the signs and ceremonies of the ancients?

23. That I may unite myself with other men, and thus become a greater power to do good unto mortals.

24. Thou art wise. Repair now before my proper officers for further examination, and, if thou art proficient, come again before me and I will conduct thee into the chamber of Ophra'or'jhi, and there initiate thee according to the rite of the ancients.

(Signs and pass-words, and mystic ceremony, withheld from publication.)

(For the reading of the tablet entire, refer to the revealed tablets.)

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