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1. Mithra said: Ye that invoke Me, the Swift, Shining, with sword uplifted. Invoke me on the Tablet of the sun, and the world, and the crown, high raised. Bow down low and say:

2. Behold, the rose, deep rooted in the earth. Jehovih riseth in majesty of All Light. His colors no man maketh, nor knoweth any man the cause. This subtle perfume, whence cometh it, and whither goeth it? What power fashioneth it, and propelleth it?

3. O Thou, unseen Om! Is my spirit like perfume? Whence cometh it, and whither goeth it? Give me of Thy Mithra, O Om!

4. Make my heart look upward to Thee, Thou all Pure, Heavenly! Wife, and Spouse and Mother! Thou that cometh, I adore Thee!

5. The corporeal world hast Thou, O Jehovih, placed in the midst of the lowest places, bringing forth. Bind my soul not to it, Thou All Going-forth.

6. My heart no longer looketh downward; my corporeal passions have I subdued. Yea, even the diamond binds me not, the highest shining corporeal thing.

7. Thou, O Corporeal Sun, burning and full of flame, that bringest forth the corporeal, growing harvests, hear me proclaim the All Eye that createth, p. 619 making the souls of men. Thou, O Corporeal Sun, that makest of the things that are made, what a glory is thine! But far off, and nearer than Thou art, O Sun, is Jehovih, Who createth without things that are made, the All First Creator. He goeth forth, Jehovih. He cometh Om, the Bride and Mother, nursing with full breasts.

8. O thou Moon, hear my upward soul aspiring above all corporeal things! Thou, my Love and Majestic and ruler of waters and winds, I adore Thee. But a greater, the All Great Om, fed thee. From her breasts wert Thou, O moon, high upraised. Eolin, the Mighty, touched Thee with his little finger and Thou hast sped on. Come Thou to me, O Om, spouse of the Seen and Unseen.

9. O ye Stars, full of shining in the high heavens. Who can measure your far-off places? Who can see your great corporeal majesty? O what a glory is yours, thrown in the high heavens! Thither, far, the soul of my forefathers roam full of praise and prayer. Make me all pure, O Thou Om, that I may ascend.

10. Send forth Thy Crown, O Eolin, Creator of all moving things. O Thou Incomprehensible and full of glory! Make me oblivious to all corporeal things, and fill me with Thy going-forth forever.

11. Make me to look not backward nor to myself, but to behold Thee, O Jehovih, and Thy Lords and Thy Gods, strong in majesty and spirit high-soaring, forever! Amen!

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