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Qadeth Iz;

OR, DIVAN SEAL. (See plate 14, p. 310)


Plate 77.--IZ AND ZERL.


1. NA'AH or na'ok, house. Sho'ah. rich country. Ba'a, evil. Aman, steadfast. Eden, foundation. Sam'-Or, the three sacred lights; thus, Sam three, Or, light.

2. Le'bab, heart. Re'gel, foot. Be'ged, clothing. Dad, breast. Gad'ta'ah, the hand showeth the way as this p. 614 tablet showeth; i.e., this is my hand. Ekef, palm of the hand.

3. A'bad, destruction. E'dam, man. A'yin, eye, and also to perceive. O'zen, ear, to hear. Taf, family. Resh, head.

4. Off, the birds or feathered tribes. Le'bashed, to be clothed. Toff, timbrel; also psalmist. Mits'vah, the enforced law, the established, the authority of judgment. Ay'in, conceit, the hidden enemy in one's own heart; they were puffed up in their conceit and would not hear. Ar'bag'ebul, the four quarters of the world (Kii).

5. Sef'fer, scroll, book or tablet. Aven'ibi, the belief that man was once a bird. The worship of certain birds because it was believed man sprang from them, hence Aven'ibi, the idolatry of birds; the philosophy that led to the idolatry of animals. Aheba, the adorable love. Ya'sha, upright. Alef, foremost. Man or maun, vessel.

6. Ra'o, the evil, the entity evil. As Ra, death, is to mortal things, so is Ra'o to spiritual. Mira, a lamp. Mi'qut'so, angular, corner. Kar'tugh'nuin, magician; one with familiar spirits. Maqatteroth, an utensil for burning incense. Nasag, to ascend.

7. Te'ke'ua, supplication. Otsar, storehouse against famine; also place for treasures. Ra'ka, kingdom or king and his people, or father and his family. Aboda, to labor or to make brick; also brick dried in the sun (ado'da). Zemar, music, written notes of. Nat'sack, chief musician.

8. Asuk, a pot. Yat'sar, potter. Barzel or tubal, iron. Os'ka'gar, sun, moon and stars as a whole. Penak, summer and winter. Gu'sa'touin, out of all things comes some good.

9. Lechen, bread, or bread-basket, or food, or food-basket. Asen, evil hand, or power to cast spell. Assogen, evil foot, or power to walk around one's house and so cast evil on the house and family. E'o'ten, the All Provider, the sign of offering. Edan, prophecy. Hoe'dan, angel visitation, or the manner of prophecy.

10. Edam'ah, country, or the earth or the lands. E'lo'ih, Jehovih. Ba'ra, the created world. Ofel, darkness. Or, light. Eo'sor, organized, i.e., the light and darkness were created, and all things on the earth became organized.

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