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Plate 76.--TABLET OF ZERL.
[For interpretation, see Bient (Poit), and Se'moin (Kii). Begin at 1, and read downward; then at 2, etc.]


GIT, Oaw, sun. Washa, priest. Seang, stars. Chin, throne. Gone, silver. Goap, foot. Show, hand. Gwoon, heart. Min'bo, bread. Kin, take. Gwan, food. Lam, woods. Hoo, good. M'hoo, bad. Baw, wise. Di'sa, captain. Wa'shu, high priest. M'wa'shu, woman, high priest. Bewong, church. Chaunt, sing. Se'yu, laugh. Hook, cry. Sa'she, starve. Sai, die. Honji, birth. Sing-sope, twinkling stars. Law, fixed. Sho'ji, ax. Shou or shon or joss, a man-God. Bog'wi, Goddess of lust. Ne'wi, evil Goddess. Es, spirit or spirit-world. Es'fome, spirit-messenger. Gut, carnal. Bah, father. She, stone. A'ho, steam. Gan'es, manhood. Nida, land. An'hi, lord. Oe, love. Gwan, shine. How, light. Gee, ear. Endi, brother. Ja'me, sister. Loi, afterward. Cho, where. Youn, how. Foo, husband. Foo'm, wife. Shu'yi, tyrant. Aji, see. Ma or mi, mother. Jaw, I. Ad'sa, ashes. Jak, ark or chest. Fan, fire. Gan'mi, widow. Ma, thou. E'sho, clothes. Sho'gaup, shoes. Di'ga, flood. Hoe, waters. Ten, empty. Cam'ow, cattle. Yop'lo, come. Oak'm, bad house. H'oak, to build. Fah, hail. Goke, flesh. Gon, daughter. Go'en, p. 613 daughter-in-law. Dhi, large. Dank, great. Shod, belly. Cho'in, garden. Lok'so, rain. Ong'wa, speaking animal. Go'wa, word. M'how, honey. Se'fiee, fish. Bone, door. Chow, grass. Gah, splendor. Ong'hoo, walking man or traveler. Dang, turn. Diyon, mountain. Igwam, gold. Jes, remember. Won, sweet. Wot, seed. Oi'wot, planted seed.

The offspring of these two tribes were called Izere or Israel. Made out of the same are these, with Chine root, to wit: Peu'gwa, fruit. She, book. Say'tzoo, write. Hon'she, read. Mon'ke, forget. Nug'sa'lo, think. Gow'loo, a fool, a walking animal. Din'quan, deranged. Him, sweet. Bo'jin, tent. Gak'mhi, grain or corn. Lon, rotten. Go'ma'git, crescent. Bah'jow'fi'fi, a race-horse. Shon'yong, goat. Bin'yong, sheep. Loke, deer. Ji'jow'gon, ibis. Lo'foo, tiger. Iho'ji, hammer. Bog'wi, evil spirit. Won'eng, spirit. Fooche, trowel. Roak'cha, compass. Gowh, dog. Shike, stone. Ja'moi, sister. Jeang'foo, husband. Hijn, see. Fawh, fire. Han'she, ashes. Di'wa, war. Howh, rest. Sijoh, little. It'zoo'gon, servant. Box'shong, naked. Jaw'jake, pain. Gwat, home. Mi'sa, buried. Shoo, sleep. Ha'unh, sound. She'ugh, burn. See'ung'fan, joy. Chong, river. Go'e, world. Gah'ji, magnificent. The sacred birds of Zerl were written by an outline drawing of each and every one; but the pronunciation (in imitation of its speech) was different in the whole of the thirty-four tribes. The tame quadrupeds had fewer names. In Iz or Ez there were but twenty-two tribes, and, being the most sacred tribes of the west of the continent, their pronunciation varied less. Eolin said: Because Iz hath kept my commandments holy, I have bestowed a new tablet (Kii).

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