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Chapter I

1. GOD said: Before the arc of Bon the earth was rank.


Plate 22.--ETHEREA.


2. The seed of the tree of light had been planted many times, but the rankness destroyed it.

3. In the time of the arc of Bon, the earth reached maturity.

4. Jehovih said: I gave to the inhabitants of the earth Capilya, Moses and Chine.

5. Through them the tree of light was made everlasting on the earth.

6. The great peoples then knew I was God, and my word was with them.

7. Es had spoken before that day, and man knew the presence of angels. But he heeded them not.

8. When my word came, man gave heed. Mine was with authority.

9. Emblems, signs and symbols were the letters of man's alphabet to lead him upward in wisdom.

10. Wisdom cometh not suddenly; as darkness goeth away, light cometh.

11. Great knowledge is all around about; to make man perceive it, is the labor of God.

12. Man said: I have looked in corpor, but found not knowledge.

13. Corpor said: Doth thy flesh know? Have thy bones knowledge? Is it in the blood?

14. Jehovih said: I am Knowledge; come thou to Me. I am the Unseen. Behold thyself, O man! Canst thou put thy finger on the place, and say: Here is knowledge? Hath wisdom bulk, and a place?

15. Ha'k said: Who knoweth the boundary of Light? Behold, I cannot hide away from Him. What is my small corner compared with the All Light of etherea?

16. Jehovih said: Think not that the vault of the firmament is nothing; for thither have I created etherean worlds, of sizes equal to the corporeal worlds; but they are independent of them. These are My kingdoms, prepared for the spirits of man and women and children, whom I bring forth into life on corpor. Nor are My etherean worlds alike in density or motion, but of different consistencies, that they may be suitable for the varied advancement of My children.

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17. Man said: O World, give me light. Give me substantial knowledge, that I can put my finger on it and say: Here is the real!

18. Uz said: O man! Behold thy folly! All things thou seest and hearest and touchest are my abode.

19. Man said: How sayest thou? Thou art vanishment! All things perish; thou art that that is without foundation.

20. God said: Thou art both a flesh-man and an es-man. How hopest thou for thy flesh-talents to acquire substantial knowledge? All substance is evanescent. The real is the All Light, which thou canst not comprehend.

21. Man said: Why, then, this craving in my soul for all wisdom? Was my creation in vain?

22. Jehovih said: Because I created thee craving for light, thou goest forth searching. Thou art on a long road; to the summit of All Light, even Gods have not attained.

23. Man inquired: Why, then, was death created?

24. Uz said: Behold, even stones molder into dust. Wouldst thou have had a separate law for man?

25. Es said: I am within thy corpor; when thy corpor moldereth into dust, behold, I am the es-man, thy real self. I am thy spirit; and like a seed planted, I dwell within thy corpor.

26. Jehovih hath said: The corpor of man I created as a womb for the es of man. By death, behold, the es is born.

27. Around about My corporeal worlds I placed atmospherea; for, as the earth and other corporeal worlds provide a womb for the spirit of man, so have I made atmospherea the substance for a womb for the souls of men.

28. Man said: If, when I am dead, I shall see the place, is not the germ of that light already in me? How am I made that I see, but see not this? Hear, but hear not this? If I am now dead to that which is to be, will I not then be dead to what now is? Give me light, O Father?

29. Jehovih said: To man I gave a corporeal body that he might learn corporeal things; but death I made that man might rise in spirit and inherit My etherean worlds.

30. Two senses gave I to all men, corporeal senses and spiritual senses; nevertheless, the twain are one person. A man with corporeal senses transcending, chooseth corporeal things; a man with spiritual senses transcending chooseth spiritual things.

31. Two kinds of worlds have I made: corporeal worlds and es worlds. He who desireth of corpor shall receive from corpor, for he is My Son, in whom I am well pleased. He who desireth of es shall receive from es, for she is My Daughter, in whom I am well pleased.


Plate 23.--EARTH.
Black centre, and her atmospherea


32. Kosmon said: Because man liveth on corporeal worlds, corpor is called son; but because man in spirit liveth in the es worlds, es is called daughter.

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