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Chapter XXII

1. GOD said: Arise, O Lords of my realm, and go to the kingdoms of earth, which ye received from Jehovih's hand; and may His wisdom, love and power be with you all!

2. And the Lords departed, they and their attendants, and went to their kingdoms over mortals.

3. And this was the beginning of the second dispensation of the first cycle of the Eoptian age of the earth. And the lower heaven was well established in habitations, angels and officers, and in all the requisites for the upraised souls of mortals.

4. And God dispensed laws and government after the manner of his predecessor, enlarging all the places according to the increase in the number of spirits rising up from the earth.

5. And the voice of Jehovih was with God; and as the first kingdom had been called Hored, so was the second called Hored, signifying the place of God.

6. And as it had been with the Lords of the earth in their places, so continued it with the new Lords, and they enlarged their places also, even according to the increase in the number of inhabitants of the earth.

7. And as it had been of old, that messengers went constantly from Hored to the Lords' places, so did they also continue to do; and by this means all the affairs of the lower heaven were kept in harmony, Lords and God.

8. And God ruled in Hored four hundred years, and Hored spread over all the lands of the earth.

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