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Chapter XXX

1. IN course of time Chine completed his labor with the six kings of Jaffeth, and returned to Te-zee, to die.

2. At this time there had been established in different places more than a thousand families (communities) of Faithists, either through Chine or his followers, the chief rab'bahs. And when Chine returned before the king, Te-zee, there came from every quarter of the world men and women to meet him and learn wisdom.

3. And all that were in any way sick or lame or blind or deaf he cured by pronouncing the word E-O-Ih over them. And persons who were obsessed with evil spirits he healed by permitting them to touch his staff. And many p. 539 that were dead he brought to life; for he showed before men power to accomplish anything whatsoever. Yea, he rose up in the air and walked therein and thereon over the heads of the multitude.

4. And whilst he was up in the air he said unto the multitude: I will now come down amongst you and die, as all men do die. And ye shall suffer my body to lie five days, that the eyes may be sunken and black, showing that I am dead, of a truth.

5. And on the sixth day ye shall cast the body into the furnace and burn it to ashes. And the ashes ye shall take into the field and scatter this way and that, that no more of me is seen or known on the earth.

7. And on the seventh day, which shall be a holy day unto you, behold, ye shall witness in the field of my ashes a whirlwind, and the whirlwind shall gather up the ashes of my body; and my soul shall inhabit it and make it whole, as ye now see me, and I will break the whirlwind and descend down to the earth and abide with you yet other seven days, and then ye shall behold a ship descend from heaven in an exceeding great light, and I will enter therein, and ascend to the second heavens.

7. Neither shall any man or woman nor child say: Behold, Chine was a God. Nor shall ye build an image of me, nor monument, nor in any way do more unto me or my memory than to the meanest of mortals. For I say unto you, I am but a man who hath put away earth possessions, desires and aspirations.

8. And whatsoever ye see me do, or know of me having done, the same is possible unto all men and women created alive on the earth.

9. Remembering that all things are possible with Jehovih (Ormazd); and to Him only is due all honor and glory forever.

10. So Chine died, and was burnt to ashes on the sixth day, under the superintendence of king Te-zee, and the ashes were scattered in the field as commanded.

11. And on the seventh day, whilst the multitude surrounded all the place, a whirlwind came and gathered up the ashes in a small degree; and the ashes were illumed, and the soul of Chine went therein, and he burst the whirlwind and came down even at the king's feet.

12. And Chine said: Knowest thou who I am? And the king answered, saying: Of a truth thou art Chine. And because this hath come to pass I decree that this, thy native land, shall henceforth forever be called Chine'ya! And I will send unto other kings also, and they will decree the same thing.

13. Chine said: Even so, do thou. And since the Father hath allotted me seven days to remain with His chosen and with thee, O king, apprize thou, whom I will name to thee, to come and see me. And thereupon Chine told the king whom he desired to come.

14. And Chine walked about on the earth, even the same as before death, nor could any man tell by looking at him that he had passed through death. Nor were his clothes different, although they were made out of the ashes in the whirlwind.

15. On the last day that he was to remain, he called Te-zee and the persons he had selected, and thus spake unto them, saying:

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