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Chapter XXIX

1. TE-ZEE, the king, said unto Chine: Because thou hast given me this great light, it seemeth to me I should issue a decree commanding all my people to accept thy doctrines.

2. Chine replied: O man! How short thou art in understanding our Father! Violence is His enemy. Such a decree would be no better than a decree establishing any other heavenly ruler. It would thwart itself. He cometh not with sword and spear, like the idol-Gods; He cometh with education, the chief book of which is the example of good works, and of peace and liberty to all.

3. Te-zee said: Thou reasonest well. Hear me, then, thou greatest of men; command me even as if I were the meanest of servants, and I will obey thee.

4. Chine said: O king, thou tormentest me with my own inability to make thee understand! Thou shalt not make thyself servant to any man, but to Ormazd, the Great Spirit.

5. The king said: Then I will put away my kingdom. But Chine said: Consider first if thou can best serve Him by doing this way or that way, and then follow thy highest light, and thou shalt not err.

6. The king asked: How, sayest thou, shall I put aside my kingdom and my riches and do as thou dost?

7. Chine said: Thou shalt be thine own judge. If I judge for thee, and thou follow my judgment, then am I bound to thee. Suffer me to have my liberty also.

8. Te-zee said: If the Great Spirit would give me thy wisdom, then would I serve Him. How long, sayest thou, a man shall serve Him in order to reach great wisdom?

9. Chine said: Suppose a man had several pieces of glass; some clear, some clouded with smoke and grease; how long, sayest thou, would it require to make them all clear alike? For such is the self in man; it cloudeth his soul; and when he hath put self away, then is his soul clear, and that is wisdom, for then he beholdeth the Father through his own soul; yea, and heareth Him also. And until he doeth this, he believeth not in His Person or Presence, no matter how much he professeth.

10. The king kept Chine many days, and questioned him with great wisdom and delight. One day Chine said to him: Jehovih saith to me: Go thou quickly unto the five other provinces of Chine'ya, and explain to the kings thereof Who I am. Chine added: Therefore, O Te-zee, I must leave thee, but after many days I will return to thee and exhibit to thee the testimony of immortal life.

11. The king provided camels and servants, and sent Chine on his way. And, after Chine was gone, Te-zee said to himself: Although I can not decree Chine's doctrines, I see no reason why I can not decree the extinction of Te-in and other idol-Gods. And thereupon he did as he thought best, prohibiting the priests from doing sacrifice to Joss (God), or Ho-Joss (Lord God), or Te-in, or Po, or any other ruler in heaven, save and except the Great Spirit.

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