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Chapter XXV

1. CHINE said: One man waiteth till he is rich, before helping the poor; another man waiteth for the angels to inspire him, and give him wonders, before he teacheth the unlearned; another waiteth for the multitude to join in first; and yet another waiteth for something else. Beware of such men; or put them in scales where straw is weighed.

2. The sons and daughters of Jehovih go right on. They say: It is the highest, best! I will go in! Though I do not accomplish it, yet I will not fail (my part).

3. Consider ye the foundation of things at all times. Jehovih saith: I created all the living to bring forth their own kind. Be ye perceiving as to whom ye marry, considering as to the All Highest inspiration common to your choice.

4. Neither judge ye the All Highest inspiration of any man or woman by their words, but by their works. For the raising up of the world shall be mostly accomplished by the fruit of judicious marriage.

5. Chine said: I declare a bondage unto men that they know not of, for it belongeth in the next world; which is the begetting of selfish offspring in this world. For whilst their heirs are in darkness they themselves cannot rise in heaven.

6. And like unto this, I also declare a glory in heaven to them that wed in self-abnegation, who do good unto others constantly and with delight; for they bring forth heirs to glorify Jehovih in good works also.

7. To this end was the mark of the circumcision given unto your forefathers, lest the Faithist women be led astray by idolaters. And yet, with all precautions, many fell, being tempted of the flesh. And their heirs descended lower and lower in darkness, until they lost sight of the All Person, and believed not in Him.

8. The hand hard with toil will insure a better heir than the dimpled hand of a proud woman. The latter hath a soul of passions and her offspring will have souls like a mixture of gall and sugar; though they be sweet, they will prove to be bitter in time to come.

9. Consider thy heir; show him a house with a head, orderly. That he may grow up understanding the discipline of earth and heaven.

10. The father shall be master in all things; and the mother shall be vice-master in all things, to rule in his absence.

11. For each family shall be a kingdom of itself; but no one shall be a tyrant, though he have precedence in all things.

12. Sit not down by the table to eat until all stand about; and when they are seated, thou shalt say: In Thy praise, O Jehovih, receive we this, Thy gift; be Thou with us unto Thine own glory, forever, amen!

13. For the chief virtue of the words lieth in the discipline of the young mind; holding him steadfast after the orderly manner of the angels in heaven. And because he repeateth it with thee, he learneth to honor thee with good rejoicing.

14. And when the sons and daughters are yet small, thou shalt teach them to work; inspiring them above all things not to fall into idleness, which lieth at the borders of hell.

15. But overtask them not, nor give them pain; remembering they are to be thy glory, which Jehovih bestowed unto thee to be in thy keeping, not for thy self-aggrandizement, but for their own delights and holy pleasures.

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16. For they shall sing and play, and clap their hands and rejoice and dance, for these are their thanks unto the Creator; and the earth shall be glad because they came into the world.

17. Remember thou that labor shall be delight, and toil a great delight; to have it otherwise to thy children and to thyself is to prostitute man to be as a beast of the field. But thou shalt bring them into groups, and their labor shall be a frolic and full of instruction.

18. And even thy little ones shall learn that thou art but a brother, an elder brother, and one of the same Creator's children; teaching them that one who hordeth and keepeth things in his own possessions is as a cannibal that eateth his kindred, flesh and blood.

19. Above all things thou shalt teach them to keep holy and pure the body created withal; for herein lieth health and strength. To be foul is to be sick, to be sick is to be foul. Behold the heathen and idolater, the feeders on flesh and blood; in the time they boast of health they stink as a carcass; their flesh is congested and puffed up, their breath like a kennel of dogs. How can their souls be pure or their understanding clear? They have made themselves a festering stink-house for the spirit to dwell in.

20. And they say: Bah! I see no Jehovih! I know no All Person! I deny the soul of things! Where is the spirit? I can not see it. Or the sound of its voice? I can not hear it. And there be a Great Spirit, let Him come before me! I would see Him. Yea, in their filthy bodies they say this. Let them be pure and they will understand the vanity of such words.

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