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p. 525

Chapter XXII

1. CHINE said: I am a man only. I am the All Light. My voice is that that liveth forever. Worship not Me; worship not man; worship All Light. I am Jehovih (Ormazd) Ever Present. Because of My abundance in man, man openeth the mouth; maketh words.

2. To know Me is to know all things; he who striveth to Me is My chosen. He who knoweth not Me proveth not Me; he who knoweth Me can not prove Me. To every self am I THE SELF of that self. To perfect that self which is in all selfs; such a man is one with Me. To travel on such a road; that is the right road.

3. Hear Me, O man! I come every three thousand years; I newly light up the world. My voice cometh upon the souls of men; thy All Highest is Me; thy all lowest is sin. Two things only set I before thee, O man; the Self that is Myself, and the self that is thyself. Which wilt thou serve? For hereon hangeth either thy resurrection or thy hell.

4. In the time of the first of ancients I asked the same questions. Whoso said: I will serve Thee, Ormazd, Thou All Self, he was My chosen. Whoso answered: I will serve the self of myself, was satan's. The latter went on the wrong road. Their trail was blood and death; war, their glory.

5. They fell upon My chosen; like tigers have they pursued them. I called out in the ancient days: Why persecute ye My chosen and destroy them? And they answered: They will not war; they serve not our king; they serve the King of kings; they practice peace; they uphold not our God.

6. But I stretched forth My hand from the second heaven; I bowed down to My virgin daughter, the troubled earth, Ma-lah. And I took My chosen and put them in Brahma's hand; and they were shapely and fleet-footed, valiant in love and good works. And I sent great learning unto the sons of men, and wisdom and peace and great rejoicing.

7. And Ma-lah blossomed and was fragrant as new honey, and cleanly and full of virtue. Her daughters hid the thigh and ankle; their full breasts were concealed and their words were of modesty.

8. Her sons were early to rise; producing abundance, and with songs of rejoicing, and with dancing. For My beloved shaped the ways of man; their progeny were as the sweet blossoms of an orchard; as the fragrance of red clover. I said unto them: Fear not; thy sons and thy daughters are a great glory to thee. Count thou the days of thy wife; and rejoice when the birth draweth near; for it is fruit of Me and of thee.

9. And they taught the little ones to clap their hands and rejoice; I made them for this. Sing, O earth! Hold up thy head. I said to My beloved, for Mine is a place of glory and sweet love, sparkling with good delights. None could restrain them; like young colts, and young lambs at play; their capers were unceasing and most tender.

10. This was My good creation; the bliss of My chosen; this was My shapely earth in the days of peace; in the times of My chosen. Nor war, nor weeping was there; nor hunger nor thirst; nor famine; nor fields lying waste; nor sickness, nor evil diseases; nor cursing, nor swearing; nor lying; nor deceit; nor hardships and sore toil, nor any evil thing under the sun.

11. I, the All Light, Jehovih, have spoken. Will they hear My words? How will man judge Me, the Creator? Hath he gone amongst My beloved; and My upraised who obey My commandments? Hath he seen the beauty of the earth in the hands of My chosen?

12. O man! Thou fool! Thou goest into a dark corner and sayest: How dark! Thou goest before my enemies and sayest: What a vain creation! Or searchest amongst them that serve not Me, and sayest: Miserable world! Amongst them that hat Me, and sayest: How wickedly they kill one another. O that Jehovih had made a better creation!

13. Thou criest out: There is no happiness on the earth; all is misery and sorrow and pain and death! And this is thy standard, O man, to judge thy Creator! Thou sayest: There is no peace, nor delight, nor love, nor harmony on the earth!

14. Stubborn man! And contrary, and of narrow judgment! O that thou woulst stand in a clean place and high, and then judge! Hast thou measured My chosen, who have faith in My Person! Why hast thou treasured thyself? And put thyself uppermost of all things? Who hast thou found that denied My Person, but dwelt in lust and self-conceit?

15. Where is thy standard, save the All High? What is thy dispute about the all low? If I call Myself the All High art thou better pleased? If satan calleth himself the all low, wilt thou be satisfied? Or shall a man not speak of the All High? nor of the all p. 526 low? Are there not such things? And shall they not have names?

16. Thy wicked hand riseth up against My chosen, to lay them in death. And when thou hast trailed the earth over in blood; and thy hand is wearied with destruction, and thy little ones have not wherewith to eat, thou prayest: O Father, help Thy little ones!

17. I have spoken!

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