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Chapter XIX

1. ELOIH, Almighty, Thou, my God, Who hast delivered my people! I will sing unto Thee a song; and the children of Israel unto Thee, O Eloih!

2. Thou art a great strength and salvation; unto Thee, Eloih, will I build my habitation; Thou, my father's God, O Eloih!

3. Thou art my Warrior; Eloih is Thy name, forever!

p. 520b

4. Thou has encompassed Pharaoh and his hosts; they are swallowed up in the sea, his chosen captains and his warriors in the Red Sea.

5. The depths covered them up; they sank to the bottom as a stone, O Eloih!

6. Almighty Eloih: Glorious in power in Thy right hand that passed over innocent blood!

7. Thou, my God, Eloih; Wise in majesty, in Thy right hand that dashed in pieces Thy enemy!

8. Excellency, O Thou Eloih; in graciousness that came upon them that rose up in Thy way; Thou sentest Thy breath upon them; as stubble they were cut down by Thy righteous sword!

9. By the breath of Thy nostrils, Thou heapedst up the waters of the sea; and the floods stood upright by Thy voice, to entrap them in the heart of the sea!

10. Thine enemy said: I will pursue; I will overtake them; the spoil shall be mine; I will draw the sword; my hand shall destroy them!

11. Thou didst blow with Thy wind; the sea covered them; they sank as lead in the mighty waters.

12. Who is like unto Thee, Eloih, amongst the Gods? Who is like Thee, Glorious in Holiness, fearful in praise and wonders, O Eloih! Thou stretchedst out Thy right hand, and they went down into the earth.

13. Merciful Almighty, Eloih, my God, and God of my fathers; Who hast led forth Israel and delivered her into the land of her fathers, O Eloih! Who hast guided them to a holy habitation and peaceful one.

14. All people shall hear and be afraid; sober thought shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina. And the nobles of Edom shall be amazed! The warrior of Moab; trembling shall take hold on them, and the wild men of Kana'yan shall melt away!

15. Thou, O Eloih, shalt strike them with fear; in the magnitude of the strength of Thine arm will they be amazed and helpless as stone. For this land is Thy purchase, O Eloih; in the passover of the blood of the lamb purchased Thou it; and Israel shall pass over it in fear.

16. And Thou shalt bring them to the mountain of their inheritance, to Thy p. 521b place, Our God, Eloih. To dwell in Thy sanctuary, which Thou has established for Thy reign, forever and forever.

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