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Chapter XX

1. AH'JENG stepped down and stood at the foot of the throne. Masters of the inner temple gathered about the star, and unrolled a carpet reaching across the threshold, and the two Goddesses stepped forth from the crystalled cushion within the star, and glided, as if on a ray of light, up to the judgment seat of Jehovih. Meanwhile the musicians, a million of voices, chanted: Glory, glory to Jehovih, Creator of worlds! Whose place magnificence is, and counterpart to endless time. The All, whose Great existence surpasseth the grandest thoughts of men and Gods! Whose worlds in splendor, are the scrolls on which His hands write with the souls of Mortals His Almighty Will, and Boundless Love!

2. And now did spread out, and round about the wheels of the great ship of fire; and all the millions of hosts, men and women (archangels and Gods and Goddesses), formed a mighty amphitheatre, in which Moeb, with his thirty-three million Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, occupied the arena, themselves arrayed in white, but differently from the Redeeming Hosts from the etherean worlds.

3. In time to the music, without a word of command, moved the hosts; as one person moveth, they in unison moved; and each as a shining crystal in the place allotted, and void in nothing; and all so perfect, as if Jehovih had made each a special work of wonder to inspire men with reverence for the talents He had created withal.

4. In the same time the hosts were forming in place, so was the time of the music, and when the music ceased all was still. The throne was in the east, facing the west; the hosts of Moeb, who were the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, occupied the lower plane, and the ethereans surrounded them on all sides, raising higher and higher in the distance.

5. God and Ha'jah met the Goddesses at the foot of the throne. God knew Onesyi hundreds of years before in other worlds, and he remembered Etisyai, who had crowned him two hundred years ago. So also did Ha'jah know Etisyai and Onesyi. When they met they all saluted by touching the right hands; and immediately the Goddesses ascended to the centre of the throne, and God went on the right and Ha'jah on the left.

6. Etisyai and Onesyi looked hopefully on the Brides and Bridegrooms, but were passive. Presently the voice of Jehovih spake out of the light of the throne, saying:

7. Soul of My soul, substance of My substance, created I man. Out of My corporeal Self clothed I man. Out of My corporeal Self clothed I him with flesh and blood and bones. Man's spirit I gave from out Mine own spirit, ever present; and I quickened him to move on the face of the earth.

8. God and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded, being quickened by the All Light; Out of corpor I came, quickened by Jehovih's Ever Presence. By virtue of His Wisdom, Power and Love came I into the world; to Jehovih all glory is due forever!

9. Again Jehovih spake, saying: A time I allotted to man to grow, to attain wisdom, power and love; a time to rejoice and a time of sorrow; a time to beget offspring and know a father's care and love; in likeness of Me, to him gave I attributes of my attributes, that man might know Me and My Love.

10. Response: By the bondage of my love to my begotten, do I know my Father liveth and reigneth, and will watch over me forever!

11. Again the voice of Jehovih said: A time in the corporeal form I gave to man, that he might learn corporeal p. 39 things, and to learn whence springeth the tree of life. From no self-existence of his own made I man, but from Myself; and in the place I quickened him into life, I bound him for a season. But when man hath filled his corporeal life I provide death to deliver him into a new world.

12. Response: Beautiful is Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih, and far reaching. I was bound in the flesh even as a beast; likened unto the attributes of a beast was my judgment, struggling for things of the corporeal world. With horror I looked upon death; as a sore calamity did I value Thy cutting me off. But Thou deliveredest me into another world, preserving my judgment whole, bringing me to the heavens of my forefathers.

13. Then Jehovih said: In no time brought I man, newborn into the world, without a mother and a nurse and rich nourishment to feed him withal. Yea, I gave him angels to inspire him and lift him up; and I provided a Lord of the earth to manage his kingdoms and nations, and a God in heaven with a throne and judgment seat, that man in the angel world should be provided and wisely instructed in soul to comprehend the glory and harmony of my worlds.

14. Response: Bountiful, O my Father Above! From nothing that I knew of, Thou broughtest me into conscious being, and in my helpless days fed me with rich nourishment. Thou gavest me rulers and examples of government on the earth to discipline my soul to the order of men. And when I was born in heaven, I found God on his throne and a well-ordered haven of rest, with willing angels to clothe me and feed me and teach me the ways of Thy kingdoms in the firmament.

15. Again Jehovih said: When man hath fulfilled his time in the lower heaven, I prepare him by ample teachers for a higher resurrection. As Brides and Bridegrooms my hosts adorn them, and I come in a sea of fire. First was man wedded to the earth, by Me solemnized, and without man's knowledge. Then to the lower heaven was he wed, laboring with spirits and mortals.

16. The voice departed, and now Onesyi spoke, saying: Behold the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih! When they were young they were wed first to the earth and then to the lower heaven, without their wills. Now they stand before the throne of God. In Thy name, O Jehovih, I command them to speak their wills.

17. Response: I put away myself for Thee, O Jehovih! Make me one with Thee. I put away the earth for Thy kingdom's sake, O Jehovih! Make me one with Thee! I put away Thy Lord and Thy God, O Jehovih, for sake of Thee! Thy Lord and Thy God raised me up and made me strong, but lo, the small spark of Thyself within my soul hath grown to be a giant, bowing to none but Thee, O Jehovih! O make me Thy Bride (Bridegroom), O Jehovih!

18. Onesyi said: The lame and the weak shall have a crutch, but the glory of the Father is to see His Brides and Bridegrooms walk alone. Whoever to Jehovih is wed, shall never more to this man nor that man, nor woman, nor Lord, nor God, nor to any person or thing, for self's sake, say: HELP!

19. Response: God and the Lord were my Saviors; without them I had never known of Thy exalted heavens, O Jehovih. Thy Spirit calleth me forever upward. Thy Lord and Thy God taught me to look upward; yea, they prayed for me. Now am I strong before Thee, O Jehovih! Henceforth will I pray to Thee only; but never for mine own benefit, nor for glory, nor for ease, nor for rest, nor for exaltation; but that I may be quick and strong and wise to do Thy will forever!

20. Onesyi said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL!

21. Response: Voice of Jehovih, ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL!

22. Onesyi said: To Jehovih and his everlasting kingdoms are ye wed forever!

23. Response: To Thee, O Jehovih, am I wed forever!

24. Onesyi said: To be one with him forever!

25. Response: To be one with Jehovih forever!

26. The voice of Jehovih said: They shall judge from My judgment seat; in them shall My Wisdom shine; for they are Mine forever!

27. Response: To consider Thee first, in all things, O Jehovih, shall I henceforth forever!

28. The voice said: Behold I have woven a crown for them; adorn them for My sake.

29. Response: I will have no crown, save that which is woven by Thee, O Jehovih! For thy sake will I wear Thy crown forever!

30. The voice said: Behold, they that were My sons and daughters have become My Brides and Bridegrooms; they are Mine forever!

31. Response: I am Jehovih's forever!

p. 40

32. Onesyi said: Pass before the throne, O my beloved. The testimony of Jehovih awaiteth His redeemed. Ye shall dwell in the emancipated kingdoms forever!

33. And now the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms passed singly before the throne of God; the whole thirty-three millions passed. And the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of glory, and there came down from the firmament above mists of yellow, blue and red; and the mists fell into the archangels' hands who stood about the throne, and by them was converted into crowns, the which were placed on the heads of the Brides and Bridegrooms. And on the crowns were the words: IN WAN BROUGHT FORTH; DELIVERED IN HON'SHE.

34. As the hosts passed in front of the throne, Onesyi said: By that which springeth out of the earth is the atmospherean fed and clothed; but the etherean draweth from the etherean worlds. Behold the crowns of the earth and of the lower heaven are but symbols of power, wisdom and love; but that which I bring from Jehovih's kingdom containeth real virtue.

35. And lo and behold, the Brides and Bridegrooms became as archangels by virtue of the crowns from Jehovih's hand.

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