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Chapter XIX

1. AND now the evening of the third day had come, and God and his hosts in Moeb were hastening all things, to be ready for the great light that was to descend from high heaven.

2. The ninety millions of angels looked upward, watching for the dawning of the light, waiting and watching. And many a one who remembered Etisyai, of two hundred years ago, wondered if she would return in glory, like when she came and crowned God by Jehovih's command. Some were robing themselves in white, and hastening nervously, like a bride about to wed; some were half inclined to sorrow for leaving he earth and lower heaven, where they had toiled so long; and some were stately and by their presence said: Thy will be done, O Jehovih!

3. God ascended the throne, and Ha'jah came up and sat on his right hand; and the light of Jehovih shone upon them so that many newborn, especially of the es'yan spectators, could not look upon them.

4. God said: One dan hath come and gone; this harvest is but thirty millions.

5. Ha'jah said: Thy son, O Jehovih, hath shaped the destiny of a world. Great is his glory.

6. A light of golden hue gathered above the throne, and took the form of a triangle; and there was a graven image at every corner, the which, when read, was I-O-D; and it was in the character of Whaga, bestowed by the Lord on the altars in the house of worship on earth, and its value was thirty-three millions, which was the exact number prepared for the emancipated heaven in etherea; and the thirty-three was the years of a generation of mortals.

7. God said: Jehovih is one; the living is one; inanimate corpor is one; and these three are the entirety. To teach mortals this, O Ha'jah, is to give wisdom to the earth. Take thou this triangle, O thou, Son of the Most High. And as long as Seffas endureth on the earth shall it be the bequeathed heirloom of heaven, descending from God to God that occupieth the throne.

8. Thereupon God stretched forth his hands, and the triangle became fixed and solid, and God hung it on Ha'jah's neck, adding: In the name of Jehovih, receive thou this jewel, as my parting testimonial. Remember that, when mortals are raised up to understand this symbol of three in one, then will kosmon begin to dawn on the earth.

9. Ha'jah said: O God, thou symbol of the three attributes, love, wisdom and power! Thou didst leave thy stately home, where thou hadst Gods and Goddesses for companions, and come to the far-off earth, which was young and curtained round with poisonous gases, to guard the young and imperfect angels of other worlds in their wanderings forth, with thy wisdom, love and power concealed. Thou didst give them liberty and yet redeem them. Thou hast stretched forth thy hand over the earth and made it to yield souls to glorify the Creator. And yet in all the while thou hast never quoted thyself. O that this could be p. 36 taught to angels and men! Who is it, that will not trip or mention himself, or make himself a manifested self?

10. This day I am to be crowned, to fill the place thou hast built up; but I falter and tremble like a child. Ha'jah burst into tears, and after a while he added: O Jehovih, why hast Thou laid Ha'jah's tears so close? Thou hast created love in my soul, and it hath grown to be a mountain. God, Thy Son, who hath been my tutor for a thousand years, and on many worlds, corpor and es, is now thrusting Thy glory upon me.

11. God said: Heed thou the earth and her heavens, for they are to be thine for one dan. And remember also, that though I ascend with my hosts to etherea, yet I have charge of this world until the completion of this cycle, two thousand eight hundred years: my archangels shall henceforth answer to thy prayers to Jehovih.

12. Suddenly a light came down from the firmament, like a new star, twinkling, with a halo extending wide on every side. All eyes were turned up, full of expectancy. Hushed and still, the ninety millions stood.

13. Presently the star assumed a brighter phase and spread its halo outward, with horns descending, like a crescent, such as is formed in sacred worship when a God standeth in the midst. Larger and brighter the light grew, and tremulous and waving like sheets of fire.

14. Then shot down toward Hored and Moeb three rays of light, piercing, and in advance of the central orb. And the three rays were red, blue, and yellow; but the crescent beyond was white, and it shone abroad over the heavens, so that the corporeal sun and stars in the firmament were invisible.

15. At beholding the majesty and grandeur of Jehovih's host of descending, millions of es'yans and clouded souls in the lower heaven, broke and fled; some ran and hid to avoid the threatening light. For such is the magnifying power of the etherean flame, that all dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul are magnified, and made so plain that even the dumb can read them through.

16. Millions of the ethereans on God's staff had seen such scenes before, and now stood in glee, firmly riveted by the joy within them. To them, a hundred to one, clung the newly raised from earth, who had never known any other heaven, save such as traveleth with the earth, around about the sun every year. From these there rose millions of whispers, saying: It is like a new death; like a new birth. Behold a man dieth on earth, and his spirit flieth off to another world. And yet now again it flieth off to still another world.

17. Quickly, now, came the three great rays, foremost projecting; and these were the orders of marshals from the a'jian fields of O'wea and Hon'she; the red lights represented A'ji, the blue lights represented O'wea, and the yellow, Hon'she. And there were of marshals one million, and they cast the curtains round about to cover all of Hored, the great kingdom.

18. Chief of the marshals was Ah-jeng; and next to him were five sub-chiefs; and next to them one thousand tributary chiefs, who were masters of the ceremonies; and they came in the centre of the descending three great rays of light, came swiftly and direct toward the throne of God. And the substance of the rays of light was like curtains of cloth, one end of which reached up to the now near approaching crescent sea of fire.

19. When the light was near touching on the pillars of fire surrounding Moeb, it slackened a little, and then more and more slowly. The chieftains leaped from the etherean flames and stood at the foot of God's throne, saluting in Jehovih's name.

20. God and Ha'jah stood up and answered the sign, then descended and went to the left and right of Ah-jeng, and they ascended, and Ah-jeng sat upon the throne, and the voice of Jehovih spake through him, saying:

21. Hold up your heads and rejoice, O my sons and daughters! Behold, I come in a flame of fire! I am here, and there, and throughout the place of heaven, boundless. I gather together and I put asunder the loves of mortals and angels. For they shall go abroad in My firmament and behold My glorious works.

22. Down to the corporeal world I descend and carry hence the loved, for they are Mine. I will make all people look up to My kingdoms. Down to the lower heaven I come in ships of light, curtained about with etherean mantles, and gather in My harvest of new births to higher worlds, more radiant. My hosts below shall look up and glorify My everlasting splendors.

23. I give the tear of grief and sorrow and pity; but, in its flowing forth, I come with holier light and power to stir up the souls of My people. For they shall learn to speak to their Father, who heareth and giveth ear, and is full of love.

24. My joy is in the birth and growing p. 37 up of souls, and in the joy of their joys, and in the proclaiming of their adoration for My boundless universe.




25. I call to them in darkness, and they come forth; but they halt in the darkness, and I call again, and I send My higher, upraised angels to them, and they call also. Yea, I fill the sky with the splendor of My worlds, es and corpor, that I may stir man up to rise and enjoy the things I have made.

26. The voice departed, and Ah'jeng said: Behold the glory of the heavens, O my beloved, and the reward of the diligent in heart. Jehovih liveth and reigneth, the Highest and never to be reached, the Forever Beyond, and yet Ever Present.

27. O Thou Light of Light and Life of Life, how wonderful is the substance of Thy Creation! Thou hast given me light to behold Thy splendors, which are forever new. O Jehovih, Thou Past, Present and Future of one time, which is and was and ever shall be. Jehovih, Thou, Seen and Unseen and Potent, who hast from Thy very Self imparted a part to all the living! Who hast raised up these of Hored! Glory be to Thee forever and ever!

28. And now, by certain signs and signals, Ah'jeng directed the officers of his hosts to take possession of Moeb and Hored. And the marshals extended out around the place, and by their presence added new light to the pillars of fire.

29. The marshals were decorated with colored raiment and signs and p. 38 symbols, denoting the places whence they came, and their rank as Gods, and the experience they had passed through.

30. When Ah'jeng ceased speaking, the music of the chosen band of descending angels broke upon the place; first, faintly and far off. The work of the marshals was in keeping with the time of the music; and as the music drew nearer and stronger, so also more and more of the number of marshals descended and filed off to their respective places.

31. Presently the advance of the horns of the crescent, and the cold wave of the falling sea of fire, swept over the lower heaven fearfully and of unquestionable power. By a signal from God, the Brides and Bridegrooms joined in the music of the archangels, and great was the glory thereof.

32. Betwixt the horns of the crescent was a star of wonderful beauty; and it came toward God's throne, reflecting countless rays of light, brilliantly and awe-inspiring. And as the star drew near, it opened on the advance side, as a shell is opened, and there, with arms entwined, sat Etisyai and Onesyi, Goddesses.

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