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Chapter XXV

1. JEHOVIH said to Lika: Finish thy visit and thy inspection, My Son, in all the places of hada on the earth, leaving the land of Jaffeth to the last. And thou shalt go thither, at the time of Chine's resurrection, and descend with thy ship and take him up from the earth.

2. And thou shalt bring him with thee to Yogannaqactra, where he shall remain the few days that dawn remaineth; and when thy hosts ascend to etherea thou shalt take Chine with thee and make thy home his home until such time as he may be taught the ways and powers of the higher heavens.

3. For since his corporeal life is a sacrifice for the resurrection of men, he shall receive especial care and assistance in heaven.

4. Lika had been previously informed by the God of Chine as to the time Chine would die, and be burnt up, with his ashes scattered to the four winds; and the re-gathering up of a corporeal form of Chine, and the seven days' duration thereof. So Lika shaped the course of his otevan, according to the instruction of his messengers, who had been appointed for that purpose, so that he should reach the field in time to raise up Chine before the multitude.

5. The God of Chine had prophesied to mortals through his ward that a fire-ship would descend from heaven on a given day, and take Chine up to heaven.

6. Accordingly a great multitude of mortals were assembled in the ash-field, where they cast the ashes of the dead, watching for the heavenly ship.

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7. Of which matters Lika had been previously informed by his messengers; and Lika had in turn informed the God of Chine the time he would appear with the ship, that he might cause Chine to walk in the midst of the field and so be caught up.

8. And all these matters were carried out to the hour and minute, in the hands of these great Gods. And Lika caused the fire of the ship to be made visible to mortals. And the size of the ship was ten times larger than the field of the dead, so that when the people beheld the light of the ship they feared and trembled, and many of them fell down bewailing that the world was coming to an end.

9. And God caused Chine to walk out in the field, and Lika sent down a whirlwind and took him up into the ship, in presence of tens of thousands of mortals assembled.

10. And Lika bore his course now for Yogannaqactra, for the end of the dawn of Bon was at hand.

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