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Chapter XXIV

1. JEHOVIH spake to Lika, saying: Behold, the end of dawn draweth near; go thou once more around about the earth and her heavens, and examine into the labor of thy Gods. And thou shalt take with thee thy Rapon hosts, and a sufficient number of heralds and attendants, and such musicians and messengers as thou desirest.

2. And when thou art come to Yaton'te, My subjective heaven, thou shalt halt a while with Kaparos, and re-establish it in greater holiness and efficiency. For this is Mine only subjective heaven in the regions of the red star.

3. Behold, the spirits of those that p. 519a die in infancy call out to Me, saying: Tell us, O Thou Creator, how is it with the earth? How is it with mortals who dwell on the earth? What do they toil at? Have they schools and hospitals and factories, like unto ours? Have mortals mishaps and trials? And have they roadways, and oceans of water on the hard earth?

4. How can these things be, O Jehovih? Why is it that mortals can not go down into the earth and into the bottoms of their oceans, even as we do in the heavens?

5. How didst Thou create us alive in the earth? What was the place like? Why do mortals carry around with them such earth-houses (bodies)? Can not they go in them and out of them at pleasure?

6. What do mortals mean, O Jehovih, by mortal life and mortal death? Doth the clay and stone and water they dwell in (the earth body) have life and death? What do they mean by: This is mine and That is thine?

7. Shall every one retain his own body? How do the earth bodies grow? Do they eat clay and stone? And water? Where do they get their blood? And do they eat hair, that they may have earth hair?

8. Why is it that they bring not up their bodies with them when they are dead? Wear they clothes over the spirit body only, or over the earth body also?

9. Great are Thy works, O Jehovih! Take me to Yaton'te, Thy great subjective heaven. We would learn by figures in pantomime the illustrations of the earth. We would learn by Thy panoramic heaven what mortals do? How they live and what their schools are like? How they have contrived to teach the corporeal senses by corporeal things? How their boats are made and propelled; how their vehicles travel along upon the solid earth.

10. Jehovih said: For which reason, O Lika, thou shalt see to it that Yaton'te be perfected unto this instruction, as well as to arouse from stupor the spirits of the dead who desire not to raise up from the earth.

11. Lika told the Rapon hosts Jehovih's words; and he also gave command to his chief marshal to provide the necessary otevan with officers, heralds, musicians and messengers.

12. Accordingly, as soon as all things were in readiness, Lika committed the throne of Jehovih, in Theovrahkistan, to his vice-God; and Lika and the Rapons, with their attendant hosts, departed on their journey.

13. Now, since the time of Lika in the plateau of Theovrahkistan, it had become habited by thousands of millions p. 520a of angels, and they were high in the grades.

14. So that the officers of selection were already preparing them by the millions for Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih. And there were thousands of heavenly cities besides Yogannaqactra, which were now in beauty, gaiety, refinement and delight, with music, and rites and ceremonies most magnificent.

15. Then there were officers over these officers, whose place it was to sort and arrange the inhabitants of cities; and others over these for each one hundred and forty-four cities; and yet another over these officers, and he was called MARSHAL OF THEOVRAHKISTAN. And he was of the same rank as the marshals of the hosts of Lika, conferring with the MARSHAL IN CHIEF OF JEHOVIH'S THRONE.

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