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Chapter XXIII

1. WHEN At-yesonitus' generals and their hosts went through Vind'yu and Jaffeth and Arabin'ya, they concerted with the Gods who had in charge the inspiration of Capilya, Moses and Chine. And not only did the angel generals remove the drujas from mortals, but inspired mortal kings and queens in those great divisions of the earth to issue edicts against magicians and priests who consulted with spirits.

2. Jehovih had said: It shall be a testimony in the latter days unto the inhabitants of the earth of My proceedings; not with one division of the earth only, but with all places. For they shall in after years search history and find that in the same era in these three great divisions of the earth the kings and queens issued edicts against spirit communion. And this fact shall be testimony of My cycle of Bon; wherein man shall understand that I come not in one corner of the earth only, and to one people only; but that I have them all in My charge, as a Father that knoweth his own children.

3. Neither give I unto them the same aspirations; for one I send westward to circumscribe the earth; one I build up with a multitude of languages, and a multitude of Gods; and the third one I build up without any God save Myself. And they shall understand that where there are many languages there are many Gods worshipped; where there is one language, there is only One worshipped, even I, the Great Spirit.

p. 517a

4. For in kosmon I will bring them together; and these diversities shall be as a key to unlock the doctrines and languages of times and seasons long past.

5. Man living away from other men becometh conceited in himself, deploring the darkness of others, and great nations become conceited of themselves and their doctrines.

6. Each one of the great peoples saying: Behold yonder barbarians! I was the chosen in His especial care. Those others are only heathens, and have not been worthy of the Great Spirit's concern.

7. But in this day I plant the seed of My testimony, which shall come up and blossom and bear fruit in three thousand years.

8. At'yesonitus and his generals, with their millions of angel hosts, cleared off the drujas of the earth, the angels of darkness. They extended east and west and north and south, around all the earth, in all the divisions thereof, into every nook and corner.

9. Day and night At'yesonitus and his armies labored, ceased not nor rested, but in good method went right on, filling all the lowest place of heaven with their transport boats of fire.

10. And the boats sped hither and yonder without ceasing, loaded in their ascent with the screaming, frightened drujas, all under guard, and duly preserved against accident or harm by the wise angels over them.

11. Some drujas were easily captured and carried away; some weak, helpless and harmless; but hundreds of millions of them mad, and most desperate; some evil, fearful in desperate oaths, and foul talk, and dangerous withal.

12. But others were most pitiful in their love to linger with their mortal kindred; mothers, whose children dwelt on the earth; and children spirits, whose mothers dwelt on the earth. To separate them and carry away such drujas was a most heart-rending task, requiring God-like souls to accomplish it.

13. Jehovih had said: As a mortal mother will cling to the mortal body of her dead child, till her friends must tear them apart, the while all souls who look on are broken-hearted because of her love, even such is the bond betwixt the spirit of the dead and the mortal yet left behind.

14. But when My wise angels look upon them, and perceive they are carrying each other down in darkness, then shall they be torn asunder; and the spirit shall be taken away and provided p. 518a for ultimate resurrection, and only permitted to visit the mortal kin under due guardianship.

15. On the battle-fields of the earth were hundreds of millions of spirits in chaos, still fighting imaginary battles, not knowing their bodies were dead; knowing naught but to curse and fight; roving over the battle-fields, and would not away, save by capture and being carried off.

16. Thus did At-yesonitus and his mighty hosts clear the earth. But of their great labors and wonderful adventures a thousand books might be written, and thousands of heroes singled out, whose great achievements overwhelm one's belief because of the manifested love and power.

17. And yet not much less were the labors and adventures of Yussamis in Ugadisspe and her six heavenly places, where his etherean hosts labored unceasingly, preparing places, and keepers, and nurses, and physicians, and teachers for the delivered drujas, the thousands of millions.

18. Jehovih said unto Yussamis: Thou shalt assort the drujas; the peaceful to themselves; the dumb to themselves; the mad, the chaotic, and all other of My afflicted ones; provided sections and places for them. And teachers and nurses and physicians; for they shall be delivered out of darkness also. Yea, every one of them shall become as a star of glory in heaven.

19. And Yussamis and his Gods developed the six heavens of Ugadisspe; established places for the tens of millions of drujas; and provided order and discipline, and altars of worship, and schools, and colleges, and factories, and all things whatsoever required in a primary heaven.

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