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Chapter XXII

1. JEHOVIH spake to Lika, saying: These are My ways; reveal thou Me unto them. They that know Me not, shall be made to know Me; My labors shall rise up before them, and their understanding shall be opened.

2. They shall know what I mean when I say I will destroy or I will build up. I have heard man in his vanity, that judgeth Me. His eyes are on the earth only, and in houses and riches. Because I take them away from him, he complaineth against Me.

3. I gave man an example in his own child that delighteth in sweets, and idleness, and vain pleasures. Man taketh these from his child, saying: Behold, they are not good for thee, save in great temperance!

4. Wherein have I injured thee, O man? Wherein destroyed I aught that contributed to thy spirit? Wherein have I suffered destruction to come upon thee, whilst thou followedst My commandments? Why shalt thou complain because I laid great cities in ashes? Sawest thou the millions of drujas thou wert holding down in darkness by thy evil habits?

5. I am not in anger, nor pull I down, nor burn I up any place in a passion. As thou goest forth to destroy a row of houses to stay a great conflagration, shall the people murmur? For thy hand is stretched forth to do a good work for the whole city.

6. My heavens are magnified cities, and when a mortal wing offendeth, behold, I clip it short. They are all Mine; and none can question My authority with Mine own, which I wield for the resurrection of the whole.

7. Thou hast wept because of the destruction of the books of great learning of the ancients; but thou knowest not thine own words. Saw I not, O man, that thou wouldst never wean thyself from the doctrines of the dark ages p. 514a if the books of great learning were not destroyed!

8. In all ages of the world thou hast been bound to the ancients; thou art forever searching backward for wisdom; and to the angels of the dead who pretend to be ancients. I behold the latter, and that they are drujas.

9. I send wise angels down to them to deliver them out of darkness. And they come and bear the drujas away from thee, for thine own good and theirs. My wise angels suffer mortals to burn up the books of the ancients; for I command them to make thee open thine understanding to the living present.

10. Jehovih spake to At'yesonitus, and through him to the twelve Gods of deliverance, saying:

11. Go forth, My son, in wisdom and power. Thy labor requireth great strength and strategems. For thou shalt find the drujas fast bound to mortals and to mortal habitations (houses). As a drowning man clingeth to a log, so cling the drujas to mortals. As a delirious man, mad with drunkenness, flieth in fear from his best friends, so will the drujas fly from thee, and thy hosts who shall attempt to deliver them.

12. They will inspire their mortals to dread an innovation of the ancient doctrines. Yea, the twain, not knowing it, will bind themselves together with great tenacity.

13. But thou shalt deliver them apart nevertheless, by stratagem, or persuasion, or with a strong hand. And when thou hast them separate, thou shalt surround the drujas with flames of fire, and carry them off to the boats, which are bulwarked with fire. And thou shalt deliver them in the places My Son, Yussamis, hath ready prepared for them.

14. Thou shalt not only deliver the drujas, but cause mortals to hate them.

15. Mortal kings shall issue edicts against magicians and prophets and seers and priests; and the consultation of spirits shall come to an end. And man on the earth shall turn to his own soul, which is My light within him, and he shall cultivate it and learn to think for himself.

16. At'yesonitus prepared a record to give to mortals, and it was by inspiration so given. And the nature of the record was to teach mortals to be guarded against drujas, and know who was afflicted with them.

17. This, then, that followeth is said record, even as it standeth to this day in the libraries of heaven, to wit:

p. 515a

18. The man that saith: I pity my neighbors, they are surrounded with drujas!

19. The man that saith: Fools only believe in obsession!

20. The man that saith: There is no All Person!

21. The man that saith: My way is wisdom; thine is wicked!

22. The man that saith: Let no one dictate to me! I will have nothing but liberty to the uttermost!

23. The man that saith: As the priest thinketh, so do I!

24. The man that saith: That thou hadst my knowledge!

25. The man that saith: The ancients were wiser than we!

26. The man that saith: The ancients were fools!

27. The man that saith: Whoso seeth not as I do is a heathen!

28. The man that saith: Whoso worshippeth not my God is wicked!

29. The man that saith: Wisdom is book-learning!

30. The man that saith: There is no wisdom in books!

31. The man that saith: My book is sacred; it containeth the sum of all revelation and inspiration!

32. The man that saith: There is no inspiration, nor words thereof!

33. The followers of the ancients only.

34. He who will have nothing to do with the ancients.

35. He who ignoreth rites and ceremonies and prayers.

36. He who dependeth on rites and ceremonies and prayers.

37. Whoso denieth the Ever Present Person.

38. Whoso followeth the counsel of angels or men.

39. Whoso will not learn from the counsel of men and angels.

40. Whoso feeleth prayers and confessions to be good for others, but not necessary for himself.

41. Or saith: I will lead and supervise; be thou my servant!

42. Or saith: Behold my rights!

43. Or: Behold my earnings!

44. Or: Behold my possessions!

45. Or talketh of himself and his experiences.

46. Or tattleth of others.

47. Or judgeth his brother, or criticiseth him.

48. The self-righteous, who saith: Behold me, I am holy!

p. 516a

49. Or who desireth not new light, or saith: The old is good enough!

50. Whoso laboreth for himself only.

51. Whoso laboreth not for others in his wisdom and strength.

52. That seeketh his own ease.

53. That considereth not others' welfare more than his own.

54. The hypocrite preaching one way and practicing another.

55. That speaketh not openly his doctrines, lest his words profit not his earthly means and associations.

56. At'yesonitus said: For these are all as much under the bondage of drujas as is the drunkard, or harlot, or murderer. And after death their spirits float into the same hada of darkness.

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