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Chapter XX

1. DURING the fourth year of dawn, the Voice of Jehovih came to Lika, saying: My Son, thou shalt provide thyself an army sufficient, and thou shalt take away from the earth all angels below the first resurrection, save such fetals as are under the dominion of My heavenly rulers.

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2. And thou shalt provide them separate regions in My lower heavens, whence they can not return to mortals. And thou shalt appoint rulers and teachers over them, to deliver them out of madness and evil and stupor.

3. Of thy etherean hosts shalt thou appoint teachers and rulers for this purpose; but at the end of dawn they shall give over their places to atmosphereans selected from Theovrahkistan.

4. From this time forth My atmosphereans shall begin to help one another, not depending for all teachers to come from My etherean heavens.

5. Lika then called up At'yesonitus and told him of Jehovih's words, and further added: To thee do I therefore allot this labor. And I give unto thee twelve generals, for the different regions of the earth; and unto each of the twelve I allot five million ethereans, whom thou canst draw from the armies that were engaged in delivering the hells and knots.

6. At'yesonitus said: In Jehovih's will and thine, I am pleased. I will divide up the regions of the earth amongst the twelve generals, and give unto each one of them the five millions, according to thy commandments.

7. At'yesonitus then sent officers out into different regions in atmospherea to select the sixty million deliverers, commanding them to report in Theovrahkistan, in the Valley of Tish, his heavenly place, whither he took the twelve generals that Lika had assigned him.

8. Lika gave to At'yesonitus a list of the spirits to be thus taken away from mortals, that is, the engrafted, the damons, the familiars, the vampires and the lusters, and such other spirits as otherwise lead mortals into darkness and crime; showing him the regions of the earth where they were most numerous. With which list At'yesonitus and his generals made themselves well acquainted before starting on his perilous enterprise.

9. At'yesonitus then ordered the ship-builders to provide him twelve thousand fire-boats, with bulwarks of fire, and with gateways.

10. In the meantime Lika sent Yussamis with four hundred geographers and mathematicians and surveyors to find the necessary plateau to which At'yesonitus could send his captured hosts.

11. Yussamis therefore founded the six heavenly plateaux known as the Ugsadisspe, a name signifying the HEAVEN OF THE DESTROYING SERPENTS.

p. 509a

12. These, then, were the six heavens of Ugsadisspe, to wit: Tewallawalla, over Arabin'ya, one thousand two hundred miles high; Setee'song, over Vind'yu, one thousand miles high; Go'e'dhi, over Jaffeth, one thousand one hundred miles high; Ellapube, over Uropa, one thousand miles high; Apak, over North and South Guatama, six hundred miles high, and bordering on Yaton'te, the subjective heaven of the ancients, which was now being re-established by Kaparos; and Fue, over Chihuahi, nine thousand miles high.

13. Yussamis provided these heavens with no roadways, in order to prevent the delivered spirits flocking together, in which case they might run into anarchy (hells). And, accordingly, appointed unto each of these heavens one ruler of the rank primal God, selecting them from the etherean hosts, but empowering them to bestow their thrones on successors at the end of dawn, giving terms of office not less than two hundred years, but subject to the limiting power of God of Theovrahkistan.

14. Lika gave four thousand messengers to At'yesonitus, and twelve thousand messengers to Yussamis, to whom he also gave sixty million laborers. But each of them provided their own heralds, musicians, marshals and captains in their own way.

15. Now, therefore, At'yesonitus and Yussamis, receiving their armies of laborers, fell to work, the former to delivering, and the latter to receiving the drujas of the earth. And Yussamis put his hosts to building houses and hospitals, heavenly places, and to founding cities and provinces through the primal Gods under him.

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