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Chapter XVIII

1. JEHOVIH spake in the arc of O'wasti, in the Orian field of Hon'she, in the etherean heaven. Jehovih said: The time of the earth is at hand; the deliverance of her first-born will fall at your doors. Come forth, O My sons and daughters, receive ye them from My hand.

2. Onesyi, high aspiring Goddess of Hon'she, and the thousand counsellors, gathered in a host of five millions of souls, emancipated, and to them the dignified Onesyi spake, saying:

3. Unlike all harvests heretofore delivered to us from other corporeal worlds, Jehovih sendeth us the first-born of the earth. Let us rejoice and glorify Him, O my beloved. Send forth to the boundaries of Hon'she and proclaim the hosts of earth upraised. Provide them with mansions and quarters, ye that remain at home. And ye that volunteer to go to the earth to receive them, come quickly.

4. Onesyi said: Swift messengers have just come to me from the arc of Wan; Etisyai will be there. She it was who bestowed Jehovih's crown on the first God of the corporeal earth. Her hosts, a million strong, go by the way of Tiviyus, and pray we meet them in O'wea. And thou, Wistaw, shall sit on my throne. I will to the earth, to receive the thirty million newborn, the glorious gift of Jehovih.

5. Onesyi said: The young virgin earth hath given birth. O the joy of the firstborn! I will take with me a host of singers, a million strong. Their voices shall have power and sweetness to win the love and adoration of all the thirty millions. The glory of Jehovih's works shall shine so brilliantly upon them that all past trials shall be forgotten. Hasten, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Let down the curtains of p. 35 fire! Here begins the play of Jehovih in the management of a new world!

6. Now gathered together men and women, long raised up in the emancipated heavens, whose wills were potent over a'ji and nebulæ, and swift in appropriating what Jehovih had fashioned in the firmament. And they built a ship, the size of which was equal to the width of Hored, and filled it within with angels of the rank of Gods and Goddesses, many of whom had been brought forth into life before the earth was created, and whose native corporeal worlds had gone out of existence. And they let down curtains from the ship, and the curtains were like flames of fire, and they reached downward, equal to the breadth of the earth.

7. These Gods and Goddesses were as a unit in will, and potent and swift workmen, and the ship was laden, and on her course through the vault of heaven. Past the a'jian fields of Che'wang she rode swiftly. Soon the hosts of the much-loved Etisyai were seen in a smaller craft, highly polished and swift, making way for O'wea.

8. Up goeth a shout of joy from millions of throats, then a song of delight; heaven is joyful in Jehovih's boundless dominions. And now the twain approach O'wea; and they slacken speed and near each other, nearer and nearer, till the ships touch and are joined by skilled workmen.

9. Forth leap the two Goddesses, Etisyai and Onesyi, and in no stateliness or ceremony, but like children in whom love is transcendent, they fly to each other's arms, amidst the outburst of joy from the countless throng. Yet onward moves the etherean ship, majestic and meteor-like, steadily taking course to the new earth.

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