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Chapter XVII

1. WHEREIN this history hath overlapped the running story, hear ye how it was with Ahura and his kingdom, Vara-pishanaha, which Lika visited prior to the deliverance of the hells of hada. For, to accomplish the resurrection of Vara-pishanaha, Lika had previously sent swift messengers to Ye'a-Goo, Goddess of Ha'mistos, in etherea, to bring an avalanza capable of six thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms for the mid-harvest.

2. Accordingly, at the same time Lika and p. 497a his Rapon hosts were visiting Ahura, the Goddess, Ye'a-Goo, came down in her avalanza, fully equipped. Her avalanza was egg-shaped and veiled without, and was seven miles high and five miles wide, every way, habitable throughout. On the outer surface, but under the veil, were twelve thousand porches with banisters. The propelling vortices were within the centre, and the workmen were in the summit. On the lowest porch were five hundred thousand es'enaurs, and on the highest porch one thousand trumpeters.

3. Ye'a-Goo's compartment, and the place of the Holy Council, were in the midst; and her throne faced to the north, like the earth's vortex.

4. Ahura said to Lika, Son of Jehovih: My Brides and Bridegrooms I give to thee; honor thou this dissolving kingdom by performing the marriage ceremony. Lika said: Thy will and Jehovih's be done. Thus was it arranged, and the twain, together with the Rapon hosts, ascended the throne together and sat thereon.

5. Ahura had previously provided his hosts, in all four and a half thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, and arrayed them in white, so that they anxiously awaited the coming of Ye'a-Goo, and were on the look-out to see her magnificent ship descending. A place of anchorage had also been previously made, together with accommodation for the spectators, of whom there were fifteen hundred millions, being adopted wanderers, rescued from the various hells during the past hundred years.

6. The Brides and Bride-grooms were arranged in semi-circles facing the throne, leaving a place for the avalanza, but above them, so that when Ye'a-Goo descended from her ship's bottom she would be in the midst.

7. Whilst the ship's workmen were anchoring, Ye'a-Goo and her Holy Council descended to the platform, and saluted the Gods and Goddesses on the throne in the Sign, THE GLORY OF THE FATHER, and Lika and the others answered under the Sign, THE ABANDONMENT OF SELF!

8. Ye'a-Goo said: In Jehovih's name am I come to answer the call of His Son, to deliver the emancipated Sons and Daughters.

9. Lika said: Behold, O Daughter of Jehovih, the Brides and Bridegrooms are before thee. To thee I give them in Jehovih's name!

10. Ye'a-Goo said: My beloved, know ye the resurrection of the most high heavens?

11. Response: Reveal, O Goddess; our faith is strong.

p. 498a

12. Thereupon Ye'a-Goo instructed them, and then followed the usual ceremonies, but concluding with the seventh degree of emuth, in Jehovih's voice, to wit: To be My Brides and Bridegrooms forever?

13. Response: To be Thy Brides and Bridegrooms forever, O Jehovih! To labor for thee, and to be mouth-pieces for Thy commandments, and to be Thy expression forever! And to be in concert with Thy most high Gods for the resurrection of mortals and angels.

14. Whom I receive as Mine forever! To be one with Me in My kingdoms; for which glory I accept you as My Sons and Daughters, Brides and Bridegrooms forever!

15. Response: And be Thy Sons and Daughters! To be one with Thee forever, Thou Most High, Jehovih!

16. Ye'a-Goo said: Behold the crowns the Father bestoweth upon His loves, to be theirs forever. (Hereat the Rapon Chiefs with Lika, gathered of the curtains of light and wove crowns and cast them forth, thousands of millions, and the power of the Great Spirit through their wills bore them upon the heads of the Brides and Bridegrooms.)

17. Response: Crown of Thy crown, O Jehovih! Glory be to Thee, Creator of worlds!

18. Ye'a-Goo: The Father's ship hath come for His chosen. Walk ye in and rejoice, for ye are His harvest. Gods and Goddesses are waiting for you, as a woman waiteth for her first-born. They will receive you with joy and love. Yea, they are crying out unto me, Daughter of Jehovih, why tarriest thou so long.

19. Lika now saluted the Brides and Bridegrooms, and said: Arise, O my beloved, and go your ways, the Father calleth.

20. The Brides and Bridegrooms saluted, saying: Alas, we have not paid our teacher, Ahura. And every one plucked from the rays of Jehovih's light a flower of love, and cast it at Ahura's feet, saying: Most blessed of Gods, love of my love; Jehovih be with thee!

21. Ahura responded not; only burst into tears. And now, whilst the Brides and Bridegrooms were going into the ship, Ye'a-Goo came along the platform, accompanied by the chief marshal, and his staff, and these were followed by Ye'a-Goo's high Council. The Rapon Chiefs rose up and received them, and they all sat on Jehovih's throne in relaxation and fellowship.

22. Thus ended the ceremony. The music of the two spheres now commenced; p. 499a Ye'a-Goo and her hosts embarked, and she gave the word, Arise! and lo, the great avalanza started from its foundation, amidst a universal shout of applause from the four thousand millions. Higher and higher rose the ship of fire, toward the bridge Chinvat, toward the etherean heavens.

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