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Chapter XIV

1. IN due time Lika's otevan was completed, and he, with the Rapon hosts, besides one million hosts in attendance, to make necessary surveys and records, entered into the ship and departed for his two years' cruise around about the earth and in her heavens.

2. Sufficient unto the earth is the history thereof; and the maps of land and water; and the number of inhabitants; and the living creatures upon the earth and in the waters thereof; which are in the libraries of the earth. Therefore, suffice it that the revelations of the heavens upon the face of the earth, which records are in the libraries of heaven, shall be disclosed before the generations of men from the records of Lika, Son of Jehovih.

3. This, then, is a synopsis of the atmospherean heavens at that time, to wit: In the hells of Hored, with Anuhasaj, alias De'yus, forty thousand million angels.

4. In the hells of Te-in, eight thousand millions; in the hells of Sudga, twelve thousand millions; in the hells of Osiris, seventeen thousand millions.

5. In the smaller hells in other parts of hada, there were in all fourteen thousand million angels.

6. These ninety-one thousand millions were not all bound in their respective hells; upward of thirty thousand millions of them surged about, from one hell to another, often in groups of a thousand million.

7. And these groups, at times, descended to the earth, fastening upon mortals, even casting large cities and nations in death. Because they carried the foulness of their hells with them, they impregnated the air with poison, so that mortals were swept off by the million. And these were called plagues.

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8. Lika said: Behold, I will give a new grade to these heavens for a season. From this time, such angels shall be known as being in the first resurrection. But spirits who have quit their old haunts, and joined organic associations, being enlisted in companies, either for labor or for receiving heavenly instruction, shall be known as being in the second resurrection. And such spirits as have attained to etherean grades, being Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, and having ascended beyond atmospherea into the etherean worlds, shall be known as being in the third resurrection.

9. Such angels as engraft themselves on mortals, becoming as a twin spirit to the one corporeal body, shall be known as re-incarnated spirits. But where such spirits usurp the corporeal body, as of an infant, growing up in the corporeal body, and holding the native spirit in abeyance, such spirits shall be known as damons (which was the origin of that name).

10. Spirits who inhabit mortals in order to live on the substance mortals eat and drink, and oft absorbing the strength and life of mortals, shall be known as uzians (vampires). Nevertheless, these shall not include fetals.

11. All the foregoing, who are not in the way of resurrection, shall be called drujas.

12. Now, behold, there were millions of angels in those days who knew no other life, but to continue engrafting themselves on mortals. And, when one mortal died, they went and engrafted themselves on another.

13. These were the fruit of the teaching of the false Gods, who had put away the All Highest, Jehovih. They could not be persuaded that etherea was filled with habitable worlds.

14. And they professed that they had been re-incarnated many times; and that, previously, they had been great kings or philosophers.

15. Some of them remembered the ji'ay'an period of a thousand years, and, so hoped to regain their natural bodies and dwell again on the earth, and forever. Hence was founded the story that every thousand years a new incarnation would come to the spirits of the dead.

16. Lika said: Such spirits as come to mortals purposely to inflict them with pain or misfortune shall be called evil spirits.

17. And when they go in groups, having a leader, that leader shall be called beelzebub, that is, captain of evil (prince of devils). (And this was the origin of that word.)

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18. In Parsi'e and Heleste there were habited with mortals one thousand million damons, and one twelve hundred million evil spirits. In Egupt there were inhabited with mortals seven hundred million engrafters (re-incarnated spirits), who, for the most part, held the spirits of their victims in abeyance all their natural lives.

19. In Jaffeth there were habited with mortals more than fifteen hundred millions of damons and evil spirits, besides four hundred million vampires. So that in these three great divisions of the earth, Vind'yu, and Jaffeth, and Arabin'ya, there were habited upward of ten thousand million spirits who had not attained to any resurrection.

20. Besides all the foregoing there were thousands of millions of spirits in chaos, being such as had been slain in wars. Of these chaotic spirits there were in Parsi'e and Heleste a thousand millions; and in Jaffeth two thousand millions; and in Vind'yu two thousand millions. But in Egupt there were not half a million, all told.

21. So that, in atmospherea, at the time of Lika, there were upward of one hundred and twenty-five thousand million angels, who had no knowledge of or belief in any higher heaven.

22. To offset this great darkness, there were of believers in, and laborers for Jehovih and his emancipated kingdoms, only four thousand millions, and many of these were not above grade fifty. And these were members of Craoshivi and Vara-pishanaha.

23. Two thousand million of them were ashars, laboring with the Faithist mortals of Egupt, Jaffeth and Vind'yu.

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